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by Elissa Dunn Scott

posted on 10-17-2017

It’s easy to be wowed by the massive special effects in a big budget blockbuster film, a No. 1 hit song produced with catchy audio effects, or immersing yourself in the real-life animation of a major video game franchise.

But in recent years, we’ve seen an emergence of new ways to enjoy media and entertainment, from a virtual and augmented reality experience on your mobile phone to original programming on YouTube. This has opened a huge window of opportunity for creative professionals, of all sizes and budgets, to bring their work and ideas to a mainstream audience.

In the past, these ventures used to require massive, and not to mention expensive, technology to create something that excites audiences, but today, these tools are more readily available and accessible to artists and creators.

Technology providers recognize the needs of all creators, from major Hollywood studios and music producers to the small startups experimenting and innovating new experiences for audiences. It’s important that the smaller creative shops also have access to the tools that can help them manage the many different areas of their work flow and be competitive in their industries.

As PCs expand in power and capabilities, there are more affordable options hitting the market that can handle the professional work of small businesses and startups in creative industries. Many vendors offer All-in-One PCs, like the new Dell Precision 5720 All-in-One workstation, which can be used for a variety of professional uses, including audio and video editing, visual effects and professional imaging, and starts at a price of $1,600.

All-in-One PCs can be used in compositing for print, motion picture or screen display, along with audio mixing and post production work. An all-in-one PC can now power visual effects, including modelling, animation, rigging and texturing. The Precision 5720 all-in-one is not limited to just these workflows. In fact, our customers over in London at Area Sq, a company that specializes in office design and refurbishment, extensively use virtual reality (VR) with the 5720 all-in-one that is also the first VR-Ready all-in-one workstation. VR has enabled them to introduce a new dimension of customer service, sometimes it might involves mobile VR, presenting a static 360 degree environment, and other times it may be delivered via Unreal Engine, which is a real-time games engine, where they can actually move around their space. See more at:

Great creative work should not be limited by budget. It not only holds great ideas from coming to life but also takes away from the audience’s ability to enjoy more kinds of media and entertainment experiences. Thankfully, the industry is moving in the right direction by making tools more readily available for creative businesses big and small.

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