Adobe and Coca-Cola Announce Global Creative Challenge

Adobe has a storied history of collaborating with leading brands to give creatives access to exclusive content and opportunities to flex their ingenuity in front of an international audience. Continuing in this spirit, we’re thrilled to announce our new groundbreaking collaboration with a global design icon. At Adobe MAX 2017 – the world’s premier creativity and design conference – we launched Coke x Adobe x You.

For this exclusive campaign with Adobe, Coca-Cola is providing the world’s largest creative community with full access to a unique creative assignment and iconic assets including the Coca-Cola Spencerian script and the Coca-Cola dynamic ribbon.

From motion graphic artist Kouhei Nakama of Japan to photographer Guy Aroch of Israel, Adobe and Coca-Cola briefed 15 creative professionals from Spain to Germany, South Africa to Japan, to develop an inspired work of art. Now, we invite you to experience this brief firsthand to create your own version inspired by Coca-Cola, using Adobe Creative Cloud.

“With this collaboration, we’re pleased to bring Adobe’s global creative community together for the opportunity to participate in a brief with an influential brand such as Coca-Cola,” said Jamie Myrold, Vice President of Design at Adobe.

Driven by our shared values of design, quality and brand integrity in an increasingly multi-sensory world, Adobe and Coca-Cola are challenging the design and creative communities to reimagine what it means to push the limits.

“Design has been at the heart of Coca-Cola for 130 years. We are thrilled to collaborate with Adobe, and share our most beloved visual assets with designers and creatives everywhere. Whether you’re an established pro, or an aspiring artist, this opportunity is for everyone,” said James Sommerville, Vice President of Global Design at The Coca-Cola Company.

Coke x Adobe x You brings us all together around one common passion: creating exceptional experiences to benefit a meaningful cause. To reward and celebrate the creative community, Coca-Cola will make a contribution to Special Olympics on behalf of all participants.

“Every submission contributes toward our shared vision of designing for good, which is at the forefront of what we do every day,” said Myrold.

Here’s what you need to do next

Are you ready to join our talented international community of creatives, and share your artistic vision? If so,

You can also check out the online gallery for artwork and videos from designers around the globe that will inspire you to put your ideas into motion and support Special Olympics.

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