Dreamweaver CC – HiDPI and Dual Monitor Support on Windows

by Suhas Yogin

posted on 10-18-2017

As displays get sharper and more sophisticated, with increasingly higher resolution – it becomes key that our apps to naturally scale and gracefully handle modern displays. As you may be aware, Dreamweaver supported HiDPI displays on macOS. This year, while we continue to modernize Dreamweaver, we’re delighted to push a key platform update on Windows. The new Dreamweaver CC supports HiDPI displays on Windows. This has been a much sought-after feature request from the Dreamweaver community, and we’re delighted to finally address this ask.

Modern-day web developers often work with a multi-monitor set up. While Dreamweaver is run on the primary monitor, the secondary display is often used for code compare, simultaneous editing across multiple files, previewing, opening multiple files at once, and so on. While multi-monitor display was supported on macOS, we’re delighted to share that Dreamweaver now supports multi-monitor set up on Windows, as well. With this update of Dreamweaver, you will now be able to open files across 2 monitors, drag panels and toolbars to the secondary monitor and more.

Lastly, we built Git support in Dreamweaver and shipped an update in June. The latest now includes the following enhancements to better the experience of using Git in Dreamweaver:

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