Experience what’s new with InDesign CC

This release of InDesign expands your ability to work more efficiency so you can create multi-page layouts with ease.

Add endnotes and annotations to your documents

Last year, we introduced the ability to add footnotes. This year, we’ve added endnotes. With this feature, you can add endnotes to documents and set them up so readers can jump directly from annotations in the text to the endnote references. You can also control endnote numbering, formatting, and layout, as well as directly import endnotes from Microsoft Word. We’ve also added the ability for you to add annotations in tables and those table references can link out to your endnotes.

Learn how to add an endnote to your documents here.

Object-styles enhancements

Just as you use paragraph and character styles to quickly format text, you can use object styles to quickly format graphics and frames. Object styles include settings for stroke, colour, transparency, drop shadows, paragraph styles, text wrap, and more.

With this release, we’ve added more ways you can modify object styles in a document. You can now use object styles to set or modify an object’s size or position one time to update it across your entire document.

Learn more about object styles here.

Design with paragraph borders

Two years ago, InDesign added a feature that allowed users to add shading to paragraphs without manual workarounds. We’ve heard from users that they wanted the ability to add borders to paragraphs as well.

With this release, you can now draw attention to paragraphs in your layouts by adding border lines around them and create custom corner designs for your paragraph borders.

Manage text in Creative Cloud Libraries

If you’re working with copy across InDesign or Illustrator, you may have taglines, brand marketing descriptions, or other boilerplate copy that you use across projects.

Creative Cloud Libraries in InDesign now support text, so you can store and access the passages you use most. When you change a passage in Libraries, it is automatically available in both InDesign and Illustrator.

Learn about Creative Cloud Libraries here.

Typographic enhancements to make your life easier

Designing with type is a core function in InDesign. That’s why we’ve added additional enhancements to make it easier for you to work with type.

In the Character Panel, you can now filter fonts. With this feature, you can quickly navigate through large font collections, filtering by font classifications such as serif, sans serif, and handwritten.

In the Character Panel, you can also find similar fonts. The font menu lets you search for fonts based on visual similarity, helping you quickly find the right fonts for your designs.

For more on what we’re sharing with the creative community at Adobe MAX this year, watch the Adobe MAX keynotes or learn more on Adobe.com/uk.