Get Ready for Dreamforce 2017

by Peter Haldeman

posted on 10-18-2017

Well hello again, Dreamforce. We’re excited to be at the event again this year and are looking forward to seeing many of you there. Why do we love Dreamforce? Let’s take a look.

**Our customers. **So many Salesforce customers use Adobe Sign, and so many Adobe Sign customers use Salesforce. It’s wonderful to meet in person at an event that draws so many people together. Come chat with us at Samovar Tea Lounge in Yerba Buena Gardens, just a few steps from the Dreamforce Expo, but away from the hustle and bustle. We’re looking forward to the opportunity to see how you’re doing and to get your feedback.

**Our partners. **We have many great partners who live and breathe in the Salesforce eco-system, and have a big presence at Dreamforce. Like Adobe Sign, they deliver crucial solutions that help Salesforce customers, and our customers, get more from CRM. We’re proud to support a broad range of industry-leading integrations with Configure-Price-Quote (CPQ) and Contract Lifecycle Management (CLM) solution partners. Ask them or ask us – we’ll be happy to show you how we work together.

**Our friends. **In addition to our partners, there are a lot of knowledgeable and dedicated people out there who advise Salesforce customers on sales technologies and how to get the most from their CRM. One thing they have in common is they highlight the importance of focusing on the end of the sales funnel and how e-signatures are an essential solution for sales teams. We’ll be talking with several of our friends during Dreamforce and sharing those conversations live online via Facebook.

Our new friends. We meet a lot of new people every year at Dreamforce. People looking for help, for answers, for solutions that will make a difference. It’s exciting to show what we can do in Salesforce – accelerate revenue and improve win rates; reduce errors and improve compliance; improve visibility on deals at the critical moments; and improve signing experiences for everyone. We’ve been a partner with Salesforce for a long time, and we’ve got a great track record of helping Salesforce customers be successful.

Come see us

If you’re going to Dreamforce, you can’t miss us. Adobe Sign is returning to Samovar Tea Lounge this year (aka the “Five-Star Signature Lounge”), which is in Yerba Buena Gardens right above the Dreamforce Expo on Howard Street. So, come see us and learn how Adobe Sign can help you be more successful and exceed your goals.

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