Introducing the Master Artists Motion Graphics Template Collection

Today at Adobe MAX, we unveiled the new Adobe Stock Motion Graphics templates collection. These pre-built templates have been sourced from some of the world’s best motion graphics designers and are optimised to seamlessly work inside Adobe’s video applications.

We caught up with three acclaimed motion graphics designers, Andrew Kramer, Valentina Vee, and Nik Hill, whose templates are now available on Adobe Stock, about how they started out in the field and why these graphic elements are so crucial to videos and films.

For Andrew Kramer, After Effects veteran and founder of Video Copilot, motion graphics have always had an emotional and memorable appeal. “Some of my earliest memories of title sequences include Superman, Bullitt, and the many great James Bond openings,” he shares. A little stylistic flair goes a long way to make a lasting impression on the viewer, “The way a title moves, the font and colour say a lot about a film, its tone, the message it’s trying to convey.”

In addition to adding memorable flavours to a film, motion graphics provide structure. “A video may be created one shot at a time, but the viewer will perceive it as a whole,” Andrew explains. It’s critical to organise content with clear sections and even info graphics to ensure the story is cohesive and informative.

Andrew’s templates on Adobe Stock feature his unique aesthetic and bring his experience in feature films to the forefront.

Valentina Vee realised the importance of motion graphics when she was working on videos for beauty influencer Michelle Phan. “I realised that motion graphics played a big role in how each video was structured and themed,” she explains. Case and point: “You can only do an eyeliner tutorial so many times before the audience gets wary, but by wrapping each video in its own world and creating a completely new motion graphics package for each video, I was able to give each piece its own unique flavour.”

When creating templates for Adobe Stock, Valentina kept YouTubers in mind, and crafted a set of templates that includes an introduction, lower thirds, a chapter divider, a transition, a well as a text box. These cohesive templates are designed to work together so videographers can focus on their content and not worry about creating their graphics from scratch. And unlike traditional After Effects templates, all of the Motion Graphics templates on Adobe Stock are customisable directly inside Premiere Pro so you don’t have to leave your workflow to make edits to the graphic elements.

Download Valentina’s template for free on Adobe Stock

Growing up, London-based designer Nik Hill was always interested in art and illustration. He was especially drawn to motion graphics because they combined creative elements with technical execution. These days, his work can be seen in Hollywood blockbusters such as Marvel’s Avengers: Age of Ultron, Guardians of the Galaxy, and Jupiter Ascending.

“I’m a big advocate for using stock content to enhance your workflow and cut down working times,” says Nik. Instead of having to build something from the ground up, you can find a high quality template and use it as a jumping off point to customise and create something that’s unique to your project.

Stock templates not only speed up the process of video creation dramatically, they also provide inspiration. Nik’s hope is that perhaps by seeing these elegant motion graphics in the marketplace, editors will feel inclined to take the leap into learning motion graphics and expand their creative and technical skill sets.

Download Nik’s template for free on Adobe Stock

These designers may have distinct styles and processes, but their goals for creating motion graphics templates are one and the same: to enable creatives to produce captivating videos and inspire the next generation of motion graphics enthusiasts and professionals. See more templates from Andrew, Valentina, Nik, and numerous other talented designers on Adobe Stock.

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