New For Adobe Stock Contributors: Customized Portfolios

Adobe has been building tools for creatives for decades. We understand the deep commitment and pride creatives take in their work, and the significance of being able to present and showcase the fruits of their labor. Today, as a part of the Adobe Stock update for MAX, we are excited to announce two new contributor features that will allow our community to customize their portfolios and present their best work to customers.

Customized Headers

Now you can select a custom header image to be displayed at the top of your contributor page. Simply select an image from your portfolio and tap the “Make profile cover image” option.

The images are automatically cropped from the center, so we recommend choosing landscape images with a focus point in the middle.

Curated Collections

Curate custom collections to merchandise your content and present your best work to buyers. From the portfolio tab, select the pieces you want to bundle in a collection, and tap the “Add to a collection” button. You can create a new collection, or add to an existing collection.

You can include up to 1000 assets in a collection. You can create as many collections as you like, but only two will be displayed on your public contributor page. To select which galleries to display, go to the Collections section, and you will see that each collection has an option to “Feature on my contributor profile.”

Whether you want to showcase your latest shoot, share thematic galleries, or even categorize your work by content type, the choice is now yours! With custom collections, you can keep your contributor page fresh and up to date, so customers can see something new and different each time they visit your portfolio.

Watch the video below for a detailed walk through of the steps:

More Updates Coming Soon

These are just the first of many customization features we have on the roadmap. Combined with Adobe Stock’s integration with Lightroom CC, Bridge CC, Premiere Pro CC, and Adobe Sign, as well as our auto-keywording and category tools, these new features are designed to improve the efficiency and sales for our contributor community.

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