Updates for Video and Audio Tools Are Here!

by Anita Engelman

posted on 10-18-2017

Tools that work together to take you from first edit to final epic — faster.

Tools that work together to take you from first edit to final epic — faster.

Major video and audio updates to the Fall 2017 release of Creative Cloud — available now — give you the power to do more, collaborate easily, and deliver faster with a complete, integrated toolset. Building on 25 years of proven Adobe technologies for video and audio, you get new and enhanced tools for crafting dynamic titles, motion graphics and animations, polishing audio, and creating VR experiences. Assemble and hone your work to perfection — on your own or collaborating with your team — with tools that take you every step of the way.

The power to create

Work faster and smarter while taking your creative skills in new directions with new Responsive Design features to create Motion Graphics templates, enhanced support for VR, and animation capabilities in After Effects and Character Animator.

Seamless collaboration

Team Projects for Creative Cloud for teams and enterprise users, built right into Premiere Pro and After Effects, makes collaboration as easy as editing on your own. Just open up a shared project and work the way you’re used to working — alongside your collaborators, wherever they are based. Work more efficiently in a team environment — on premise or remotely — with new project locking in Premiere Pro and enhanced Team Projects support in both Premiere Pro and After Effects.

Experience first

Get better organization, navigation, and performance throughout the applications including the ability to simultaneously open multiple projects in Premiere Pro and better project organization in Audition.

What you need, when you need it

A new font menu in both After Effects and Premiere Pro gives previews of your fonts and improved search options. Motion Graphics templates are now available in Adobe Stock, giving you immediate access to professional motion graphics. Get free Motion Graphic templates on Adobe Stock today.

Smarter with Sensei

Using machine learning, Auto-Ducking in Audition automatically lowers soundtrack volume during spoken dialog. Character Animator offers an improved lip-sync algorithm to accurately show the right mouth shapes to correspond with spoken sounds.

**Adobe Premiere Pro CC **

Work on multiple projects simultaneously via a tab-based structure and freely edit and copy portions of one project into another. With Project Locking, lock shared projects to alert others when a project is being edited and assign read-only access to project viewers. The Essential Graphics panel includes time- and position-based controls for building in Responsive Design to your motion graphics so that they respond intelligently to changes in duration, aspect ratio, and frame size. The graphics workflow also allows you to select and manipulate multiple graphic layers simultaneously in the Program Monitor and Essential Graphics panel. A new font preview menu allows you to select favorites with filtering and search options.

Motion Graphics templates allow editors to modify After Effects content without leaving the Premiere Pro editing environment. Working and collaborating with After Effects content using Motion Graphics templates was benchmarked to be up to 454 percent faster than using native After Effects files for the same tasks. Editors can now access Motion Graphics templates created by talented professionals in Adobe Stock — many are free — which opens up the use of stock Motion Graphics to Premiere Pro editors unfamiliar with After Effects. Get the latest benchmarking research from Pfeiffer on how Motion Graphics templates speed up video workflows.

** Immersive: a new space for new kinds of storytelling in Premiere Pro and **After Effects

Adobe Creative Cloud gives you the tools to craft and refine immersive video. Edit the way you’re used to with VR video mode in Premiere Pro and the new VR Comp Editor in After Effects, which transforms equirectangular 360 footage into flat rectilinear images. The Adobe Immersive Environment in Premiere Pro allows you to view, review and scrub through your timeline in a head mount display and still maintain the ability to use keyboard-driven editing for things like dynamic trimming and adding markers.

New effects deliver clean results across stitched content, including stereoscopic media, without artifacts or seamlines in both After Effects and Premiere Pro. In Premiere Pro, edit VR content using orientation-based audio and get powerful VR transitions that extend your editing toolkit. In After Effects, the new Extract Cubemap simplifies motion tracking and object removal in 360 video. Design immersive motion graphics experiences using the new Create VR Environment feature — including camera positions — with or without live-action footage. The VR Converter lets you switch on-the-fly between different immersive formats so you can ensure your final content will play well on any platform.**

After Effects CC

Build show promos, communicate schedule changes, present motion capture data, or generate the same graphic but deliver it in multiple languages with new Data Driven Animations. Animate with path points using powerful new expression access to Bezier path points on masks, shape layers, and paint brush strokes.

Work with 3D elements faster with Cinema 4D Lite R19. Navigation and performance enhancements include the ability to render layer transforms, motion blur, and more on the GPU. Keyboard Shortcut Mapping allows you to quickly find, adjust, and customize keyboard shortcuts using a visual map like the one used in Premiere Pro and Audition. Navigate After Effects quickly by knowing where to start just after opening the application with a new start screen while a new font menu allows you to set fonts as favorites or filter to see which are available via TypeKit.**

Adobe Audition CC

With Auto-Ducking, automatically lower the volume of music when dialogue and other sounds are audible. Get up to 400 percent faster mixdowns, enhancements to surround panning for better positioning and accuracy, and new time selection commands support quickly marking time ranges around selected clips. Smart Input Monitoring allows talent to hear the most relevant audio source at the most appropriate moments. Maintain full-screen video preview between sessions or when switching between applications, and see precisely where you are in a project with the new Timecode Overlay display. Support for the Mackie HUI protocol gives Audition users access to modern control surfaces and consoles, including support for HUI-enabled timecode display and control devices.**

Character Animator CC

Show, hide, swap or cycle through different puppet parts with your keyboard or MIDI device. A new Triggers panel gives you one place for all your triggers and an intuitive way to rig your characters. The Controls panel makes performing visually easier by displaying triggers and puppet properties as buttons and sliders. Improvements to eyes and eye brows make character faces more natural looking. The pose-to-pose option smooths out transitions between poses for a hand-animated look. Take advantage of new behaviors such as Fader and Collide to open up new animation possibilities. Audio improvements provide a visual representation of audio amplitude with a new audio waveform display while mouth shapes more accurately match to sounds using a new lip-sync algorithm.**

Team Projects

Users of Creative Cloud for teams and enterprise work more effectively with Team Projects, which is no longer in beta. Hosted in the cloud and integrated into Premiere Pro, After Effects, and Prelude, store source files locally or share lightweight proxies to make it easy for remote editors to collaborate. Now get the ability to view the personal auto-save history, bring an asset from a previous auto-save into your current version, and create a new Team Project from an auto-save.

Get Adobe Creative Cloud

From first cut to final credits, Adobe video tools give you everything you need to bring your stories to life on film, TV, and the web. Access all Adobe professional video applications, as well as Photoshop, Illustrator, and many other creative tools with your Creative Cloud subscription. Download the latest versions or free trials today.

Take Your Skills to the Next Level

As a follow-up to his outstanding 7-week series on How to Make Great Videos, on October 27th Jason Levine will launch three, 3-week mini-series focused on the key ways to make your fabulous videos even better: Motion Graphics, Audio & Color. Join us live on **Fridays at 9 a.m. PT **on the Creative Cloud Facebook channel. These sessions will be available on-demand on both Facebook and YouTube. Sign up for each miniseries today:

Motion Graphics // Oct 27 – November 10, 2017

Audio** **// Dec 1 – Dec 15, 2017

Color // Jan 12 – Jan 26, 2018

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