What’s Next for Adobe XD CC?

by Lahary Ravuri

posted on 10-18-2017

Today we announced Adobe XD 1.0, representing a foundational milestone on our continued journey to deliver the complete solution for UX/UI designers, as well as the creative professionals, stakeholders, and developers they work with. Similar to the beta period, we’ll continue to deliver regular updates that bring new capabilities and refinement based on your feedback. Over the next couple of months, expect to see more progress across design, prototyping, and sharing capabilities.


We’re working to provide the essentials in core design tools to remain fast and focused on UX design. Support for underlining text, switching between point and area text, layout grids, and JPG export are coming in the next few months, with further support for adaptive and responsive design, plus tools to help with management and reusability of assets.


Beyond screen-to-screen transitions, you need a set of rich capabilities to truly communicate design intent. You will see progress on overlays (transitioning elements on top of an existing artboard) and scrollable areas within an artboard soon. Following that our goal is to enable higher fidelity micro-interactions and support more gestures and interaction types.


Most design projects involve collaborating with developers for implementation. Creating documentation and outlining specs takes valuable time away from designing. To help this process, you will be able to publish design specs in the next release of XD, enabling developers to view flows and get measurements, colors and styles from your design — all in the browser.

Third-party Integrations

In addition to what’s included with XD, we are enabling integration with third-party tools to extend and customize XD. For the first wave, you can expect to see interoperability with Zeplin and Sympli, providing teams with a choice in design to development workflows. We are also planning to add plug-in support, with the ability for anyone to extend XD with additional tools, commands, and panels.

Thank You

We are excited to release XD 1.0 today, but we are even more excited about its future and how you will use XD to design, prototype, and share your creations. As always, we encourage you to tell us what you think or reach us on Twitter (@AdobeXD).

Thank you for your continued support, and we hope you join us on this journey to build the complete solution for UX design.





Topics: Design