Artists from Around the World are Creating in the Name of Progress

by Adobe Corporate Communications

posted on 10-25-2017

Throughout our collective history, art has always been the great unifier. It connects cultures, beliefs, and perspectives together, allowing us to see the realities of other worlds, while celebrating our own.

Get inspired by these artists from around the globe who are creating towards a more unified world.

Unity” by Marcos Kueh, Malaysia

“Kuching is the multicultural capital city of Sarawak, Borneo. Living among different races has never been a big issue for us. After deep reflection, I realised that it is our mutual understanding of each other cultures and shared values that gives Kuching it’s charm. To me, home has always been, and always will be a diverse, vibrant festival.Sometimes it’s hard to live in a multiracial country. It’s always good to be reminded of the simple values that we share.”

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Beyond this shawl, beyond this wall” by Olivia Bartlett, Hong Kong

“A young woman, aged 19, supports two children by selling beautiful blankets in Jodhpur. Surrounded by her blankets, a form of economic stability, she still appears vulnerable to the outside world beyond her shawl. Many young women with little formal education are advancing their rights to command equal status with men through economic empowerment, however the vast majority of them are unable to break the cycle of impoverishment. What it means to be a woman in India, as well as worldwide, is ever-changing. One thing remains clear- a woman’s position and status in her family and society depends heavily upon her level of education. Educating young women is the future. The future is female.”

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Picture Perfect” by Amber Akaunu, England

“This piece, titled, Picture Perfect was inspired by the lyrics ‘we aint picture perfect but we worth the picture still’ by J. Cole. I made it to show how the influence of social media is encouraging us all to adhere to one type of beauty.”

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Melting Pot” by Sarah Tan, Australia

“My home is Malaysia, we have a melting pot of cultures. I depicted the Chinese culture with cups used in Chinese hawker stores, Indian culture with henna art and Malay culture with batik patterns in the background. Home to me is living together in harmony despite our cultural differences.”

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Settlers” by Egle Girskaite, Lithuania

“Where do you settle, when you don’t fit anywhere?”

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