Vincent Fu: Bringing Creativity to the Workplace


posted on 10-27-2017

Creativity is essential to any career, whether someone is developing a presentation to explain a new internal process, or writing a newsletter for customers. For University of Utah graduate Vincent Fu, combining his scientific background with strong creative skills has opened doors and helped him find success in the workplace.

As a student at the University of Utah, Fu studied the sciences, graduating in 2017 with an Honors Bachelor of Science in Biology, and minor degrees in chemistry and computer science. But Fu also spent his college years polishing creative skills through Adobe Creative Cloud, which was available to all University of Utah students through an Enterprise Term License Agreement (ETLA) with Adobe.

Thanks to the ETLA, Fu could experiment with Adobe Creative Cloud apps on his own time. He brought his creative skills to the classroom, creating videos, presentations, and papers that helped him express himself and his ideas more clearly. But he also used Adobe Creative Cloud to develop flyers, posters, videos, and other creative collateral to promote activities and events for various organizations across campus.

After graduation, Fu found his fit at ProLung, a new and growing medical device company. His biology degree helps him understand the technology, but his visual skills allow him to communicate these new technologies with ease. Understanding of multiple Adobe Creative Cloud apps also allows him to meet any challenge the company has, from design a new logo to editing videos for conference presentations. Fu quickly became the company’s Digital Marketing Manager, where he creates all marketing communication assets for ProLung.

“Having access to Adobe Creative Cloud throughout college opened doors for me in ways that I never could have imagined,” says Fu. Discover more.

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