#ColorFontWeek – MEGAZERO

by Wayne Hoang

posted on 10-30-2017

Download MEGAZERO here.

With MEGAZERO the letters are reminiscent of the color bars that appear on a TV screen when a signal is lost. There’s also pixelation in each of the letterforms to complete the television set’s no-signal effect. This was in fact one of Alex’s inspirations when designing the font.

In creating MEGAZERO, Alex took inspiration from Felipe Pantone. He is known for his bold letterforms and vibrant colors in his street art. Those influences are clearly shown in MEGAZERO. One of the other inspirations for Alex is Camille Walala, a designer known for her textile designs. Her compositions are characterized by innovative use of shapes and colors to create motifs that radiate with eccentric energy.

The unique combination of Pantone’s street art and Walala’s vibrant textile inspirations come together to create a font that is assertive and bold, yet intrigues with intricate patterns woven in the letters like diagonal ribbing.

The MEGAZERO OpenType-SVG Font was designed with Fontself Maker in Illustrator CC and made available at no charge to you for this week thanks to the generosity of Alex Trochut. This font can be used on the latest release of Illustrator CC and Photoshop CC. Free download expires 11/5.

This font is available as part of 5 free color font series released during #ColorFontWeek.

Topics: Design, Typography

Products: Photoshop, Creative Cloud