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by Adobe UK Team

Posted on 10-30-2017

What a trip! We’ve just returned from the “Road to MAX” road trip and are still wowed by all the great sites we have seen.

In case you missed it, Road to MAX saw three photographers (and Adobe Stock contributors), Nathalie Geoffroy from Paris, Thomas Kakareko from Berlin, and Rich McCor from London, join forces to go on a road trip. They journeyed through places like Los Angeles, Phoenix, and the Grand Canyon (just to name a few), and ultimately arrived at Adobe MAX 2017 in Las Vegas, the world’s largest creativity conference. At MAX, they met 12,000 creative professionals and learned all about the latest updates to Creative Cloud first-hand.

Check out our Adobe Spark Travelogue to see what they have experienced in more detail.

Now it’s your turn: Take part in the Adobe Stock #ChallengeYourPerspective Contest & win big!

The challenge is yours: Show us your compositing skills in our very special Adobe Stock Contest called “Challenge Your Perspective”.

We want you to create a composition artwork inspired by the theme “Freedom” using some pre-selected Creative Cloud assets and Adobe Stock photos (all free of charge) from our RoadtoMAX17 crew and if you do it well, you are in for some great prizes! The overall winner will also become one of our 12 Visual Trends Advocates for 2018 with VIP access to select Adobe events.

How it works:

Summary: 1 free Adobe Stock asset + 1 free Creative Cloud asset + Your Creativity around the theme “Freedom” = one amazing composition artwork!

These great prizes are waiting for you:

Need inspiration? No problem!

In the run-up to the #ChallengeYourPerspective contest, we have asked compositing artists Julie de Waroquier, Eda Durust and Lasse Behnke to contribute their own artwork to the contest – out of competition, of course.

Here are the results:

Lasse Behnke: “Rediscovery of Liberty“

Story behind the picture:

My picture is set in the future and shows a man exploring a cave with his camera. On this day, he discovers the head of the long lost Statue of Liberty, destroyed years earlier during a major natural disaster that wiped out much of humanity. Even if “Freedom” and “Liberty” do not have exactly the same meaning, they are meaningfully related. The title of my artwork is “Rediscovery of Liberty” and can be interpreted in both the figurative and metaphorical sense.


I decided to use the Adobe Stock photo taken by Thomas Kakareko and one brush tip. I simply added some other photos and assets from Adobe Stock to finish my artwork.

Julie de Waroquier: “Liberty”

Story behind the picture:

The notion of liberty is meaningful, but also ambiguous. Liberty has a positive connotation and is synonymous with possibility and an absence of constraints. Being free means responsibilty for your decisions, actions and, consequently, for who you are. It means having to choose between the infinite range of possibilities offered to you, which can cause anxiety. I chose to express vertigo in this picture. We can see a character on a swing, overlooking a wonderful landscape. It conveys the energy and the beauty of liberty, and the infinite range of possibilities it can give us.


I chose to work on the colours of the Antelope Canyon that were captured during #RoadToMAX17. Thanks to a special brush and combining several images of natural landscapes, I was able to magnify an image of a girl on a swing.

Eda Durust: “Freedom of Intimacy“

Story behind the picture:

My picture is set in a moment of intimacy between two people where one of them is about to kiss the other. They are expressing their love for each. This moment is being immortalized by the photographer. Since we are most free during our most private moments, the title of my work is “Freedom of Intimacy.”


I used Adobe Stock photos to achieve my intention for the artwork. The wide range of photos greatly helped to develop and finalise my idea.

Now it’s your turn! We are looking forward to your submissions and wish you good luck!

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