Maximizing Human Capital with Workday and Adobe Sign

by Adobe Document Cloud Team

posted on 10-31-2017

When you place an online order, there’s a good chance that Radial employees are working behind the scenes to make sure your order is carefully packaged, shipped, and delivered. The company helps online retailers deliver great customer experiences with a dedicated team of more than 7,000 employees at its fulfillment facilities, call centers, and corporate headquarters.

To maintain its superior quality, Radial is always searching for ambitious and conscientious new talent. As part of the company’s employee onboarding process, employees and candidates sign more than 300,000 documents each year. Radial implemented Workday Human Capital Management and Adobe Sign so employees can complete their documents digitally. Together, the solutions save $145,000 annually by going paperless and improving internal efficiency.

“Adobe Sign delivered everything we needed and featured ready-to-go integration with Workday,” says the HR Director at Radial. “The combined solutions cost five times less than trying to combine Workday and other products we explored.”

Document tracking in Adobe Sign helps minimize the Radial HR team’s follow-up tasks as well. In addition to showing them when candidates signed documents, it automatically and electronically stores the documents in the proper Workday record. This lets everyone at Radial who’s involved in onboarding spend more time on higher-value activities like talent scouting, interviewing, and orientation.

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