Amway Independent Distributors Embrace E-signatures

by Adobe Document Cloud Team

posted on 11-01-2017

Since 1959, Amway has helped people build better lives by becoming independent Amway distributors. With Amway training and support, these independent business owners learn to sell high-quality home, beauty, and nutrition products.

Recruiting new distributors in Europe relied on printing and mailing paper-based contracts. Registration could take weeks to complete, causing some potential distributors to drop out. To simplify and automate the contract process, Amway implemented Adobe Sign, an Adobe Document Cloud solution.

“Adobe met all our criteria,” explains Lovisa Terling, Business Opportunity Manager Europe, Amway. “In price, safety, credibility, reputation, and support services, Adobe Sign was the clear winner. We also felt the Adobe brand would be trusted by our independent Amway distributors, and thereby reduce any hesitation they might have in electronically signing their contracts.”

In the first year of deployment, nearly 90,000 contracts were finalized using Adobe Sign. The user experience is also greatly improved. Recruits now complete electronic contracts in seconds, not weeks. Furthermore, the digital workflow cut Amway Europe’s recruitment data entry requirements in half. Now, the Amway customer support team has more time to spend helping independent distributors build their businesses.

Read the full case study here.