9 Industry Experts Make The Experience-Business Case

Experience is the currency of business today, with large enterprises worldwide committed to reimagining every part of their operations to focus on their customers.

9 Industry Experts Make The Experience-Business Case

by Mark Boothe

Posted on 11-01-2017

Experience is the currency of business today, with large enterprises worldwide committed to reimagining every part of their operations to focus on their customers.

What does that entail? This was the overarching question behind a nine-part podcast series, below. We sat down with industry experts to discuss what a good customer experience looks like, steps an organization needs to take in order to be truly experience-led, and examples of companies that have clearly made experience their business.

The main learning: Before companies start thinking about experiences, they first need the right technology, culture, processes, measurement framework, and organizational structure.

Dave Kerpen

Experiences have played a big role in both Dave Kerpen’s personal and professional life as chairman of Likeable Media. His career has skyrocketed since his first big entrepreneurial opportunity—his own wedding. For that, Kerpen partnered with a minor league baseball team to create an unforgettable experience, including sponsorships from David’s Bridal and 1800flowers. Hear his ideas and examples around becoming an experience-driven business.

[David Polinchock

](adobe.ly/2zuAMnU)David Polinchick, founder and CXO of the Experiential Advertising Group, has been focused on creating great experiences for 25 years. His first job out of college was with one of the world’s best experience providers: Disney. Polinchick had the opportunity to see the amount of effort that Disney put into making sure that every guest had the most incredible experience possible. Join us as we discuss experiences and, specifically, how technology such as virtual reality can be used to create better experiences.

Steven Cook

Steven Cook understands what it takes to become an experience-driven business. He has made a career out of this, helping create experiences for some of the best brands in the world, including Coca-Cola and Samsung. Tune in as Cook shares his thoughts on the attributes of an experience business and tips on how to personalize the relationship with consumers.

Toby Daniels

The single most important shift we have seen in the past 10 years is the online and offline convergence of our lives. Social media maven Toby Daniels shares his thoughts on that merging, the current state of social media, how today’s companies can use technology (AI, VR, etc.) to bring a customer closer to the brand, and why the experiences we provide for our consumers need to get better as technology continues to evolve.

David Cooperstein

In order to drive success, marketers need to focus on “experiences” in business. Join us as we talk with David Cooperstein, former CMO practice lead at Forrester Research. Among his points: Brands must create a good customer experience, no matter the channel, and create seamless experiences throughout the entire customer journey. Importantly, customers should be guided along the journey like customers, not cattle.

Greg Galant:

Greg Galant knows a good experience makes all the difference. He created the Shorty Awards, honoring the best in social media each year, and Muck Rack, a powerful PR tool. He joins us to talk about modern brand-to-consumer relationships, the integration of social media throughout the company, and more.

Nandini Nayak

Nandini Nayak says companies must design with data, design for data, and design by data. For that, we need data scientists and designers to work together. In addition, consumers need companies to predict their needs and provide a relevant and meaningful experience. Join us as we talk with Nayak about data and design.

Rana June

Rana June understands the need to focus on experiences. She runs Lightwave, a company that helps organizations measure the physiological implications of emotion on experiences. How are experiences driving or hurting your business? June believes that we are very quickly moving to a post-click world. This conversation will leave you thinking: Will emotion become the measure of success in the future?

Steve DeAngelis

Steve DeAngelis believes the secret to creating good experiences is making them “full funnel”—in other words, consistent no matter where the consumer engages with your brand. As VP of North America at M&C Saatchi Mobile, he brings an advertising perspective to our podcast series. Join us as we chat about providing an authentic, genuine, and valuable experience to consumers.

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