A New Kind of Travel Experience

by David Olsen

posted on 11-02-2017

Overseas Adventure Travel takes small groups of travelers to the ends of the earth, helping them find unique, once in a lifetime experiences. Whether travelers are looking for high adventure, luxury, learning opportunities, or just to relax, the company has something for everyone.

For every vacation the company offers, Overseas Adventure Travel has rich content to showcase the possibilities, including videos and editorials about the cultures, food, and experiences that travelers may encounter. “Our travelers value a one-on-one connection and our primary way to connect with them is by providing them lots of information about the destinations that they’re interested in,” says Marlies Roberts, Vice President of Marketing Operations at Overseas Adventure Travel.

Using Adobe Experience Cloud, including the Adobe Campaign, Adobe Target, and Adobe Analytics solutions, the company is tying all of its cross-channel campaign and customer data together to deliver the information that travelers need to plan unforgettable vacations. In addition to its online property, Overseas Adventure Travel connects with its customers through email campaigns that open up one-on-one conversations before and after a trip, keeping engagement high. Targeted emails feature destinations and content that individual travelers are most interested in and help to encourage exploration and purchases.

“We used to see email open rates of about 25%,” says Roberts. “With new, automated email strategies, we’re seeing open rates of above 60%.” Roberts also notes that email campaigns are being developed 50% faster, due to centralized email content development and audience management departments.

Overseas Adventure Travel also uses direct mail to engage with its customers, sending them beautiful brochures about the latest travel deals, new destinations, and more. By connecting online campaigns to offline activities, the travel company is better targeting offers, as well as increasing the efficiency and effectiveness of each communication. (https://youtu.be/KQooYx_UFO8)

Topics: Campaign Management