7 Powerful TEDxTeen Talks that Will Change the Way You Think

by Adobe Corporate Communications

posted on 11-09-2017

TEDxTeen is collective of thought-leaders in the creative community, and artists are using their voices to show new perspectives. And there are so many impressive TEDxTeen talks, that it’s hard to know where to start. But we’ve done the sifting for you curated a collection of talks by artists who are creating towards impact.

Check out these seven awe-inspiring creators and trailblazers and get ready to see more speak live at TEDxTeen in NYC.

Kash Gaines of YAK Films uses powerful examples to make a case for the importance of dance, film, and creating towards impact.

Natalie Warne speaks about the importance of supporting each other, and how much stronger we are when our voices unite.

Alessia Cara is on a mission to fight female stereotypes — with her honest and real lyrics, she addresses the inner-monologue of many women struggling with stigmas around their genders and identities.

Communication is more than just words. Conor Begley speaks about the many ways we can relay emotion without relying on language.

Apply his message to your art and transcend boundaries of culture and language to make a bigger impact.

Connor Grooms explains how he learns anything — from languages he’s never spoken to skills he’d never before attempted — in 30 days. Use his advice to dive into a new medium and take your art to the next level.

Amelia Halls is a painter that uses art to express her experiences with anxiety and depression. To cope, she paints on her skin — normalizing conversations around mental health, in hopes that others will find hope in their pain.

Muzoon Rakan Almellehan is a Syrian refugee and activist that teaches us the difference educating others on our experiences can have in building empathy. Incorporate her perspective into your work and create towards a more understanding world.

Topics: Creativity, Sustainability