#WeekOfIcons – Celebrating Iconic Craftsmanship

by Wayne Hoang

posted on 11-13-2017

180 million graphics are created on a monthly basis in Illustrator CC, and many of them serve as a gateway to interactions with the physical and digital world. From the street signs that keep traffic moving, to the graphics on food packaging that tell you what you’re consuming, to the navigation icons on your phone that help you communicate.

Icon design begins with a sketch. Whether on paper or in an app like Illustrator Draw, designers begin to transform their idea into an icon by combining lines and shapes to form a vector object. The Pen Tool, Pathfinder Tool, and recently added Shape Builder Tool form the core toolset for icon designers.

Along with these tools, the Illustrator CC workspace is a key foundation designers have used to build out vast icon collections. With the latest release of Illustrator CC, designers now have the ability to create more than 100 artboards to hold all of their icons. New features help designers organize and tidy up their artboards, as well.

Beginning this week, we’re partnering with Iconfinder to showcase beautiful, innovative iconography from designers around the world. Best of all, we’ll be giving away free sets of 100+ icons throughout the week. These icons sets take advantage of the expanded artboard capabilities in Illustrator CC.

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Here are the icon sets and designers that will be featured this week:

Monday, Nov. 13
Designer Name: Ramy Wafaa a.k.a. Roundicons
Icon Set: User Interface Icons
Behance Site: https://www.behance.net/designersrevolution

Tuesday, Nov. 14
Designer Name: Icojam
Icon Set: Unigrid Phantom
Personal website: http://www.icojam.com/

Wednesday, Nov. 15
Designer Name: Gasper Vidovic a.k.a. Picons
Icon Set: Picons Thin
Behance Site: https://www.behance.net/matrixd0e2

Thursday, Nov. 16
Designer Name: Dmitry Mirolyubov
Icon Set: Kitchen and Food Icons
Behance Site: https://www.behance.net/DmitriyMir

Friday, Nov. 17
Designer Name: Jory Raphael
Icon Set: Symbolicons Pro
Behance Site: https://www.behance.net/sensibleworld

To learn more about how to create eye-catching icons, tune into Paul Trani’s livestream on November 13 at 1 p.m. PT, and don’t forget to download the free icon sets available during our #WeekofIcons Campaign.

Got something cool to share about icons? Share it with #WeekofIcons and we may retweet your work on Twitter!

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