33 Sticks Builds Integration with Launch by Adobe

by Jason Thompson

posted on 11-14-2017

Every business is unique and while today’s tag management systems provide a highly efficient platform for deploying and managing marketing technologies, they are by no means a ‘one size fits all’ solution. For years, companies have been finding creative ways to hack today’s tag management systems to better align with their technology stacks, development workflows, and overall technology governance models. With the introduction of Launch by Adobe, companies now have the ability to completely customize their tag management solution, using a collection of fully supported development tools.

Why is it important that companies have the ability to customize their tag management platform? Simple, efficient development practices and speed to market is more important than ever!

The marketers that we work with at 33 Sticks, like most marketers, need the ability to quickly adapt to an ever changing consumer landscape. However, for years, the digital experience has lagged behind the marketer’s vision, as deploying technologies that promised a more personalized consumer experience were often given a low priority by development teams tasked with implementing them. With the introduction of enterprise-level tag management solutions, marketing technologies could be deployed faster than ever. Problem solved. Well, for a short period of time.

As support for instrumentation of marketing technologies became a high priority and ease of implementation became a requirement, marketing technologies began a migration from dumb conversion pixels to highly sophisticated, intelligent marketing engines. And once again, marketers found the technology lagging behind their vision.

To help bridge this gap, 33 Sticks is focused on developing solutions that will enable the marketer to quickly address fluid market conditions. Our first solution that has been exclusively developed for Adobe, using the Launch by Adobe Extension framework, is called Dynamic Pixel Builder. This extension will allow marketers to deploy intelligent marketing technologies efficiently, using a simple-to-use form that is deeply integrated into the Launch by Adobe data framework, helping to create a highly informed, highly curated customer experience.

For example, let’s say your marketing agency is running a new campaign and has requested that you quickly deploy remarketing pixels across several key areas of your site. Not only do these pixels need to be targeted to specific pages, they also require unique descriptive data to be passed as well. The Dynamic Pixel Builder will allow a technical marketer to quickly define the remarketing pixel once, within Launch by Adobe, and make that tag dynamic by assigning Data Elements in Launch by Adobe directly to the tag. This will not only provide a much smoother process for configuring marketing pixels, it will end up saving the marketer a tremendous amount of time.

While we are very excited about the release of our first extension for Launch by Adobe, we are even more excited to witness how it will impact data informed marketing organizations as a whole.

From an analytics services company perspective, Launch by Adobe will become a highly valuable resource that will allow agencies, like 33 Sticks, to build solutions that drastically increase efficiencies, create unique products that can be easily monetized, and share open-sourced solutions with the market place as a means of driving innovation.

From a business perspective, having the ability to completely customize Launch by Adobe combined with direct access to solutions built by talented data architects from across the world is a very exciting proposition.

Congratulations to Adobe for creating and supporting an open development ecosystem and thank you to all of the countless people who have built, and will build, exciting new technologies on top of this new platform.

Topics: Digital Transformation

Products: Experience Platform, Experience Cloud