Cut Through the Clutter and Discover Documents on Demand in New Adobe Scan

by Lisa Croft

posted on 11-14-2017

How many times have you thought to yourself “I know I took a photo of that document, but where is it in my photos_?_” Trying to remember which year, month, and day you captured something is tough. And having to scroll back through all the photos of kids, pets, sunsets, and selfies might be a good trip down memory lane, but it’s not efficient when all you need to do is find that contract for your kitchen remodel.

Today, Adobe Scan can alleviate all of that time-consuming searching and scrolling when all you’re looking for is a document. With the flick of a switch, Adobe Sensei — our artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning technology — analyzes all of the photos in your camera roll and surfaces only the ones that appear to be documents. There’s no longer a need to sift through hundreds or even thousands of images to find what you’re looking for. In fact, Adobe Scan is the only free app that automatically searches for documents, receipts, business cards, and more so that you can find what you need fast. See how it works:

In addition to the new Adobe Sensei-powered document discovery capability, we’ve added a few other features that make finding and working with documents on the go all that much easier. Now you can find your files more easily by searching by name or date. On iPhone and iPad, you can access your Adobe Scan files through the new iOS 11 Files app so you don’t have to toggle back and forth between apps. On Android, you can access scans even when you’re offline. We’ve also improved the image cleaning in Adobe Scan, specifically for shadows and folds, so your scans will look clearer and cleaner than ever before.

We’re so excited that people are using and loving Adobe Scan to save their favorite recipes, archive important contracts, breeze through expense reports, and much more. Since we launched Adobe Scan in June, the app has been downloaded more than four million times, and it continues to receive great ratings across iOS and Android. All of this powerful scanning technology — including document discovery and OCR — is available for free.

As a Document Cloud subscriber, you can do even more with Adobe Scan — edit and organize documents, collect signatures, and take advantage of mobile features in Adobe Sign to digitally sign and send documents from any device. We’ll continue to deliver new and exciting features in our mobile apps to make your digital transformation even more enjoyable. Try Adobe Scan today and let us know what you think.


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