Clicktale Builds Integration With Launch by Adobe

by Ryan Ekins

posted on 11-16-2017

Tags are the snippets of Java Script that vendors use to collect information about web and mobile visitors; and to enable key functionality like live chat, surveys, and advertising across their global properties. As you can image, tag management used to be a long and complicated process. Tags needed to be tested, developed, managed, and updated by developers rather than by the marketer’s teams using them — creating endless tension between IT and marketing, and often taking weeks or months to deploy.

For a decade, Adobe has led the game with its Dynamic Tag Management (DTM) solution, but we’re excited about the new and stronger offering it just released — Launch by Adobe. Instead of having a closed system where Adobe dictates which tools are available and how they are injected onto your website, Launch by Adobe now offers a much more open and flexible solution that gives the control to the end user. It gives online businesses the ability to consolidate and manage tags to make marketing activities more efficient, reduce cost and improve website performance. Launch by Adobe is also open sourced and, therefore, the best equipped to meet the demands of experience-focused businesses today, and in the future.

How Clicktale is involved

We’re really excited to be one of the first companies to collaborate with Adobe on the release of Launch by Adobe. We’ve always had a strong relationship with Adobe and this phase means we can make marketers’ lives even easier and customers’ digital experiences smoother across the board.

Our Launch by Adobe Extension enhances the mapping of data elements with a view similar to the Clicktale Visual Editor interface already familiar to Clicktale customers. Visual Editor is Clicktale’s code-free environment to set up events within the Clicktale Experience Cloud. By incorporating this Visual Editor-like view into Launch by Adobe, digital marketers can achieve advanced mapping via a familiar and intuitive interface. Clicktale customers will not only have an easy transition as they leverage Launch by Adobe to set Clicktale events, but also benefit from another avenue to digital experience insights from their Clicktale data.

As part of Clicktale and Adobe’s ongoing collaboration, Launch by Adobe also incorporates a feature that will allow customers and partners to access Clicktale’s unique insights from within a data layer using Launch by Adobe data elements. This provides a convenient mechanism to augment complementary applications, such as marketing automation, voice of customer or any other system benefiting from browser data collection, with Clicktale data and insights.

Our collaboration with Adobe is very valuable for us, as it delivers opportunities for our customers. We are proud to be working so closely with Adobe on the launch of this unique platform and we look forward to the new features and functionalities that we will bring to Launch in the near future.

Topics: Digital Transformation

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