Turning Tech into Artistic Inspiration

This month we’re considering the many ways that technology shapes the arts, whether it’s as tools or inspiration. So, we couldn’t resist a chance to check in with Sebastien Hue, a digital artist whose dark and epic creations are inspired by video games and the rich imagined world of sci-fi technology.

“My artistic inspirations go back to my childhood. I grew up on Star Wars and the emerging special effects that were happening in feature films and video games at the time,” says Sebastien. “I witnessed the growth of video games as a gamer myself, so I’m conscious of the fantastic evolution that’s happened. On top of that, I come from an industrial and technological background, which makes me love futuristic, techy things even more.”

Sebastien explains that as a muse, you can’t beat tech because it’s all about creating and imagining. “It’s thrilling because it has no boundaries.”

In his work, Sebastien communicates a sense of depth and visual coherence so that the viewer can project him or herself into the frame. He also aims to tell a story with each piece, but to keep it open-ended enough that viewers can make up a narrative of their own, too.

The Tech Behind Techy Art

As a lover of high tech, Sebastien stays up-to-date on new creative tools like VR painting and 3D. But true to his nature as a technology watcher, he’s patient. “I’m not the person jumping in and trying new stuff. I like to observe first, see what comes up, and then have a try.”

His favourite tech tools are Photoshop and digital painting. “Photoshop is always in the pipeline for me because I really like to directly create digitally into it, or do post work with it,” he explains. “I consider myself mostly a 2D artist, even though I use 3D renders, so Photoshop is the perfect tool. ”

Advice for the Tech-Inspired Artist

We asked Sebastien what he’d tell a young artist and sci-fi and tech fan about starting out. He laughed as he gave his advice: “I’d recommend listening to Rihanna’s song, ‘Work.’ You know: work, work, work, work, work…” On a more serious note he adds, “Just be passionate and spend countless hours on your work. Practice and get inspired by what you like the most. Observation is key, so watch and then learn by doing it yourself.”

More Thoughts About Tech and the Creative Life

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