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by Matt Rozen

posted on 11-16-2017

When you hear the word blog, you might think of an online diary of sorts, in which a person can rant, rave, and share random musings.

Blogs are good for that, no doubt, but they also have the power to be a lot more.

We’ve been blogging at Adobe since the early 2000s. The goal was to help creatives and business leaders like you build your careers and businesses by sharing our take on industry trends, brand successes, and technology insights. You’ve grown, Adobe has grown, and our blogs have grown. In fact, just last month we had 150 distinct blogs.

The content on those blogs was housed on pages that looked different, had various voices, and told some pretty siloed stories, if we’re being honest. We wondered what this meant for our customer experience, and we were pretty sure it wasn’t good.

Today, we’ve made a few changes to give you a better experience. You’ll notice that there is just one blog — we’re calling it The Adobe Blog. You’ll still find all the great content, but we’ve consolidated the blogs to tell a single, cohesive story — from marketing to creative to delivery and beyond, and from forward-thinking ideas to the nuts and bolts of how-to articles. We believe this will give you the big picture on industry trends, especially as the lines intersecting creative and marketing start to focus more on experiences.

The Adobe Blog is now more interactive. It’s designed so you can easily manage all the information according to your preference for the type of content you want to see. Here’s a quick list of some of its new features:

Bringing together multiple blogs results in more than a new look and feel. Now that we have one voice in one location, we’re creating themed “collections” — a series of articles focused on digital experiences. The stories will use a variety of media and formats to examine trends that transcend our product lines.

Our premiere collection, “Beyond the Screen,” features stories about how brands and artists are using emerging technologies like augmented reality, virtual reality, and voice recognition to drive deeper, richer customer experiences. It includes more than 20 posts that will be published during the coming weeks. You’ll read about the skills it takes to create immersive experiences, how these experiences may change our relationship with technology, how companies are creating amazing experiences in unexpected places, what some technologists believe future innovations will bring, as well as information on the tools and technology you have access to now.

A big thank you to Joey Guidone, our co-collaborator on the artwork for “Beyond the Screen.” Joey is an artist and illustrator from Italy. Learn more about what inspired his pieces, his artistic process, and what he hopes we will experience from his work.

With our new site and our first collection, we want to become your go-to destination for everything you need to know about the intersection of creativity and data. We want to inspire and empower you with the knowledge and tools you need to build a true experience business.

We’re glad you’re here. Welcome to The Adobe Blog.

Matt Rozen


Topics: Digital Transformation, Creativity, Community