3 Steps to Apply: 2018 Adobe Government Creativity Awards

by Lisa Lindgren

posted on 11-17-2017

Share your work. Get recognized for your creative efforts in government, and join our private Slack community of government technology marketers!

For the third year, Adobe will be hosting the Adobe Government Creativity Awards.

As government marketers caught in the day-to-day shuffle, we often forget how vital our work is in keeping our country connected.

That’s why Adobe recognizes and awards the top creative teams in this industry. We want to highlight the best work from the people making government more efficient—working hard to connect local, state and federal agencies with citizens using technology, while delivering a seamless UX.

It’s easy to apply! After you gather your project details, it takes three steps and less than 5 minutes to submit your application.

Log in, fill out your profile, and submit your Behance URL.

Note: If you haven’t set up a Behance project specifically for this submission, click here for our guidelines and tips from the judges.

When you have your Behance project completed, follow the steps below to submit your entry: ****

Step 1: Log in with your Adobe or Enterprise ID (1 minute)

Go to the Adobe Creativity Awards website and click “Submit Project.”

If you don’t have a login ID, you can either sign in with Google or Facebook, or create a new Adobe ID.

Step 2: Fill in Your Profile (2 minutes)

After logging in, click on “Edit Your Profile.”

Fill in your information and click “Save.” You’ll then get an invite to our exclusive pilot Slack community, where you can meet fellow creative marketers in government tech. You can also ask questions to the moderator.

Step 3: Submit a Project (2 minutes)

Next, you’ll be redirected to the final step, where you can submit a project. Click the yellow button to load the project details page.

The information you fill out on this page will help categorize and technically package your entry.

  1. Select the appropriate category
  2. Enter your project title
  3. Submit as an individual or a team

Then, go to Behance and navigate to your specific Behance project. Copy and paste the project URL in your browser window, and submit it on the form.

Click here to learn more about creating a winning Behance entry.

After you paste the URL, click the orange button. It should say “We found your Behance project.” If it doesn’t, double-check the URL is valid.

When you see a preview image underneath the URL field, you are nearly finished.

Scroll down to input the name of the agency you served under “Client Credits.”

Check your work one more time, and click Submit.


You have now applied to the 2018 Adobe Government Creativity Awards!

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q: What can I expect after submitting an entry?

A: After your submission, you’ll receive an email confirming your entry. At this point, bookmark the site!

Q: After submitting an entry, can I still edit my submission?

A: Yes! You can edit as many times as you want before the final deadline of May 31, 2018. The judges won’t see the submission until after the submission deadline.

Q: How many projects can I submit?

A: Up to 3 projects per category (for a total of 27 individual projects).

Q: What if I need to get internal approvals? Can I start now, and finish my submission later?

A: Yes! You can get the submission as far as you can, click Save, and continue or edit your submission at any time.

Q: How do I find out if I won?

A: A representative from Adobe will contact you via phone or email. Winners will be announced no later than July 20, 2018.

Q: I’m having technical problems submitting an entry. Whom do I contact?

A: You can submit questions or comments by emailing grp-agca@adobe.com.

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