Getting Customers Into New Vehicles Faster

by The Adobe Blog team

posted on 11-21-2017

Auto dealers and brokers have plenty of options when it comes to leasing partners, which is one reason Arval UK is making itself easier to work with. The BNP Paribas subsidiary leases more than 160,000 cars and vans to businesses and individuals, so it decided to streamline contract processing and signing by going digital.

Arval implemented Adobe Sign, an Adobe Document Cloud solution, to provide a secure, paperless contract process that is eight times faster than its old paper-based process. Using its new digital workflow, the company is able to easily process about 3,000 contracts a month and even brand its white-label services for dealerships.

“It previously took us on average about 12 days to process a contract, but with Adobe Sign, we’re getting contracts returned in 7.5 hours,” says Dominic Morton, Head of Sales, Dealer Introduced Business at Arval UK.

Because Arval accesses customers’ banking information and other financial details the company has to meet stringent legal and regulatory requirements for security. Adobe Sign helps minimize risk by automating processes that improve the accuracy and integrity of digital copies and electronic signatures. As a result, the customer experience is much smoother, which makes Arval UK more attractive to auto dealers and brokers and helps retain their loyalty.

Customers appreciate being able to sign documents from any device without having to print, scan, and return multiple pages. For sales, not having to spend hours processing contracts means they can spend more time building client relationships and growing sales.

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