10 Things We Learned At Creative Meet Up

by Adobe UK Team

Posted on 11-22-2017

Last week, we headed down to East London, taking over the Oval Space in Bethnal Green for our annual Creative Meet Up.

Filled with inspiration and creativity, we shared the latest game-changing updates to Adobe Creative Cloud announced at Adobe MAX – The Creativity Conference, while some of the biggest names in the industry including world-renowned fashion photographer, Nick Knight OBE, freelance artist and print designer, Kelly Anna, and art director and illustrator, Kate Moross took to the stage to share their wisdom and incredible stories.

For anyone who missed out, fear not, as we’ve rounded up all the highlights in ten bite-sized chunks for you. And remember – if you want to watch the Creative Meet Up in all its glory, head over to our YouTube channel to watch the whole event on demand.

1) We’re no longer just photographers, we’re image makers

Nick Knight is among the world’s most influential and visionary photographers, and founder and director of award-winning fashion website SHOWstudio.com. In his talk, he highlighted how we are no longer just photographers, but at the beginning of a new medium called image making. The growth of new technologies including smartphones, live broadcasting, virtual reality and 3D printing has meant we can manipulate imagery like never before, bringing a whole new meaning to photography.

2) Share your work as early as you can

Award-winning designer, illustrator and art director Kate Moross pointed out that young creatives are often afraid to share their work with others. At Studio Moross, Kate encourages her team to share work with each other in its early stages, which in turn ensures feedback is shared more quickly and concepts are signed off sooner rather than later.

3) Every job is connected

Even the smallest job can lead to the biggest job you’ll ever do. Take time to network and immerse yourself in the industry. All doors lead to other opportunities, so get stuck in and start making a name for yourself.

4) Business cards and websites

How to start your own business? Create your own business card and website. According to Kate, these two things will help you get your name out there at a relatively small cost.

5) It’s ok to fail

Nick Knight is quite happy to fail and claims he does so regularly. Rather than seeing this as a bad thing, he’s happy to fail, as he says you can learn from your mistakes and do things better next time. Not only that, but having that feeling of fear and pressure keeps you on your toes, and ultimately makes you better at your craft.

6) Keep challenging yourself

According to freelance artist and print designer Kelly Anna, it can take years to understand who you are as an artist. In her talk, Kelly explained how she taught herself to take a step back and teach herself new mediums and techniques, constantly challenging herself to allow herself the room to grow and develop into the artist she is today.

7) Refuse to conform

Kate Moross’ final piece of advice for the evening was to stay true to yourself. According to Kate, it’s important to run with what you know and who you are, so while you can develop your skills and grow as an artist, you don’t need to change your signature style to fit in. Kelly Anna shared this view. She told the audience how her dad would teach her to sketch without hesitation and that this was something that’s stayed with her for her whole life; The importance of going with your gut.

8) The internet is your tool; use it!

Nick Knight noted how designers and photographers used to rely on magazines and third parties to broadcast their work. The internet has allowed creatives to have direct contact with their audiences like never before, so whether you’re on Instagram or Behance, use the internet to your advantage, share your portfolios and connect with your creative community.

9) Experience next generation experiences with Creative Cloud

Rufus Deuchler explained how everyone can now be fully connected through the new updates to Creative Cloud. Last month at Adobe MAX, Adobe released new Creative Cloud applications that are enabling designers to work in a connected cloud workflow, ensuring that creatives have the best tools available at their fingertips. Read more about the latest updates here.

10) Challenge your perspectives with Adobe Stock

Those lucky enough to attend the Creative Meet Up in person would have seen the Adobe Stock Gravity Room; An upside-down living room where creatives could browse through over 90 million Adobe Stock assets to create a unique shot of them hanging off the ceiling. Why not get creative and see how you can use Adobe Stock assets in your next creative project?

A big thank you to all our Creative Meet Up speakers and attendees. Did you tune into the live stream or attend the event in person? Let us know what you learned in the comments section below.

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