3 Marketing Things I’m Grateful for this Week

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by Joe Martin

posted on 11-22-2017

The turkey is thawing, the pie crusts are waiting to be filled and the teams are preparing for some football. This Thursday will no doubt bring a lot of families together to sit over the dinner table ready to share thoughts of gratitude. If you are struggling to find those things beyond health, family, and a good job this year let me start the brainstorm with these 3 things I am grateful for in marketing.

  1. Social: The immense targeting capabilities within Facebook, the consumer research capabilities you can glean from listening to Twitter conversations, and general content reach of social provides a lot to be grateful for as a marketer. According to Statista, social media spend has doubled over the past 2 years up to $31 Billion in 2016. That is a lot of tweets, snaps, posts, and shares to provide increased brand awareness and sales to your company.
  2. Mobile: This year the Adobe Digital Insights team showed that over half of online visits during Black Friday will come from mobile devices. I may not be one of those sneaking a TV purchase in between my sweet potato and turkey bites, but I will probably be using my iPhone primarily for my late night Thanksgiving purchases. Mobile has been a game changer for creating immediate calls to action for purchasing, improving real time marketing opportunities, and creating potential for immersive brand experiences through augmented reality, PokeMonGo anyone?
  3. Video: this completes the three headed monster of marketing at the moment. When combined with mobile and social, video provides a new medium to connect with audiences. The possibilities of video are endless from Adobe doing live streams of Adobe Max and Summit on its Facebook page or John Legere of T-Mobile doing a Sunday night cooking show in his patented ONEsie. Video is an engaging way to produce a live audience to create lasting relationships with and create a brand following that goes beyond the widget that you sell.

There is much to be grateful for this year as a marketer. Every day I am thankful to live in a time where I don’t have to do research in my Encyclopedia Britannica or go to the library and use a card catalog. The marketing emergence of SocialMobileVideo (SoMoVid as I call it) will continue to move forward and may again make it into my gratitudes for 2018 along with health and family of course.

What are you thankful for in marketing this year?


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