QuestionPro Builds Integration with Launch by Adobe

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by Vivek Bhaskaran

posted on 11-28-2017

The combination of behavioral and attitudinal data has been the elusive holy grail for marketers. For example, retail marketers striving to reach this point might want to know why customers are abandoning their shopping carts. Is it price, shipping or choice?

But, what if those retailers could ask a simple question after an item has been in the cart for more than 30 mins? This could give them an idea of why certain behavior is being exhibited without needing to “infer” from the behavior. This is now possible with the introduction of QuestionPro’s extension for Launch by Adobe.

Most marketers have realized by now that sending an overall survey to collect data across all their constituents is a futile exercise. However, with Launch by Adobe, marketers can create very specific behavioral segments – based on how people act on their website. This means, marketers can look at behavioral patterns and activate a survey based on that behavior.

Integrations with Launch by Adobe built by Adobe partners are called Extensions. With the QuestionPro Extension, marketers can deploy surveys to their website visitors with ease. The same micro-targeting rules that Launch by Adobe enables can be used to target surveys at different points along the customer journey.

QuestionPro’s Extension can be applied toward several different types of surveys including website satisfaction, usability feedback, net promoter score, customer satisfaction, cart abandonment, customer demographics, and more. Launch by Adobe handles the rules, criteria and targeting infrastructure, which enables QuestionPro to focus on survey delivery and data collection models.

Typically customers needed to cut-paste javascript code to deploy surveys at specific touch points, but with QuestionPro’s Extension, this whole step has been eliminated. This makes adoption, and even a try-buy approach, financially feasible.

As one of the first Extension developers for Launch by Adobe, we here at QuestionPro are giving everyone who uses the QuestionPro Extension our Intercept and CX platform free through June 30, 2018. If you would like to test out the QuestionPro Extension, please contact

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