Classic Cars, Cutting-edge Marketing


by Adobe Communications Team

posted on 11-30-2017

Car culture is something Hagerty knows well. The company has a long history of helping classic vehicle collectors protect their prized possessions with specialty insurance products, and has also cultivated one of the world’s largest communities for enthusiasts. While the cars the company insures are classics, its approach to marketing is firmly rooted in the modern world.

To continue improving how it learns about and markets to customers across digital platform, Hagerty chose to replace a disjointed collection of digital marketing solutions and third-party agencies with Adobe Analytics Cloud and Adobe Advertising Cloudsearch, both part of Adobe Experience Cloud. With assistance from Adobe Professional Services, Hagerty optimized the solutions and achieved dramatic results. For example, one month after implementation, completed insurance applications jumped by 37 percent, while the cost-per-app dropped by 27 percent.

Adobe Analytics now provides the company with data-driven audience insights to help identify key conversion points that drive customer acquisition. Hagerty has also been able to take greater advantage of its marketing team’s expertise by bringing marketing activities, including paid search marketing, back in-house with help from Adobe Advertising Cloudsearch. Machine learning helps the team automate and scale campaigns without requiring outside resources to help with execution.

Adobe Advertising Cloud is the largest driving force behind our ability to make smarter decisions about digital marketing,” says Mick Bassett, search engine marketing analyst at Hagerty. “In only four months, we’ve cut spending for campaigns by 45 percent and cost-per-click by 10.4 percent.”

The ads are more effective at delivering leads, too. The number of people coming to the site through paid search ads and start policy applications has increased by 118 percent. At the same time, Hagerty’s total marketing spend for each started application has dropped by 33.5 percent.

Topics: Digital Transformation

Products: Advertising Cloud, Analytics