5 Steps to Creating a Winning Project for the Adobe Government Creativity Awards

by Lisa Lindgren

posted on 12-12-2017

Read our judges’ best tips for creating a memorable and winning Behance project.

The Adobe Government Creativity Awards recognizes public sector creatives who produce stellar work.

The judges of the contest are hand-selected, leading industry professionals from government, community groups, and associations.

There are several categories that are awarded. The judging criteria include:

Because 70% of the criteria is outside of design, the judges need more information to sufficiently judge your entry. In marketing, we all know that stories sell. Stories have also been proven to be easiest to remember. That’s why it’s so important to use story in a visual way, and approach this entry as if you were approaching a creative brief.

For all of the following prompts, keep your descriptions to only two (2) rows of copy. The prompts are also suggestions. Feel free to organize and create as visual a story as you’d like, that matches the spirit of your project.

Good luck, and have fun with this!

1. Cover Image

First, select a key image that highlights the project’s most interesting or most aesthetic final image.

2. Background Story

Share the story of your work:

3. Creation Process

Visually and with text, lead us through how you arrived at your final result.

4. Results

Now, let’s talk about results.

5. Technical Stuff

Under the Discoverability tab in the Project Settings menu:

Congratulations! Now you’re ready to submit your project!

If you haven’t yet created your Behance portfolio, click here for a straightforward tutorial.

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