Adobe Stock Video: A Year in Review

by Adobe UK Team

Posted on 12-13-2017

2017 was an incredibly exciting year for video, with production and the consumption of video content at an all time high. Neilson reports that 54% of the general population has watched short-form video in the last three months. YouTube alone boasts over a billion users, which accounts for almost a third of total people on the internet, and collectively, they are consuming more than 500 million hours of video every single day.

Video isn’t just a huge space for content creators, it’s also becoming a priority for marketers and advertisers, and the video advertising market is expected to expand another 20% through 2018.

The team at Adobe Stock has been focused on delivering the products and services to help creatives with the demands of this video boom. We reached a new milestone of five million assets in our video collection, established new partnerships, introduced a Premiere Pro CC integration for our contributors, and launched a brand new content type. Here’s some of the highlights of 2017 in Stock video.

New Partnerships and Milestones

In April, we announced our partnership with leading video content provider Pond5 to incorporate its wide-ranging collection of footage clips into Adobe Stock. Now, our customers have access to these clips directly inside their favorite Adobe applications, including Premiere Pro CC and After Effects CC. Going forward, Pond5’s collection will ensure that finding the right clip on Adobe Stock is easier than ever.

Today, our library stands at five million clips with over 1.5 million of those clips being in 4k, and we will continue to build on our collection into the new year. With thousands of clips coming in every day, you’re sure to find the latest trends and subject matter as video clips on Adobe Stock.

Motion Graphics Templates

At Adobe, we pride ourselves in building the best tools for creatives. That means being deeply plugged into the needs of our community. When we saw the need for high-quality commercial assets, we launched the Premium collection. When we saw the increasing importance of 3D design for 2D designers, we launched 3D assets, integrated with Adobe Dimension. And when we saw the need for professional grade motion graphics and animations for videos, we introduced Motion Graphics templates.

Sourced from the world’s leading motion graphics artists, these titles, transitions, lower thirds, animations, and more, are customisable directly within Premiere Pro CC for faster and more efficient editing. Paired with our extensive collection of clips, these templates are geared to take content creation to the next level.

Contributor Updates

We have a diverse community of contributors from around the world, and all of our content is sourced from this talented pool of creatives. Our integration into Premiere Pro CC allows contributors to upload clips directly from the application to the Stock contributor portal, cutting down on the processes and time required to go from shoot to sale.

We’re also accepting shorter and longer video files, so now our contributors have more flexibility with the content they choose to submit to Adobe Stock. For the latest submission guidelines and tips on how to monetise your footage, visit our Learn and Support page.

As the video marketplace continues to flourish in the years ahead, we look forward to improving the tools, building our collections, and establishing Adobe Stock as the defacto destination to find unique, engaging, high-quality video content.

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