#HolidayEmojiWeek: Rudy the Reindeer

Learn how to use Illustrator CC to create you own holiday emoji of Rudolph’s younger brother.

Rudy is Rudolph’s younger brother. He’s always looked up to his brother, and one day hopes to get his name in history books, too — and hopefully join in a few reindeer games! Learn how to draw Rudy in Illustrator CC below.

Get all the design assets for Rudy the Reindeer here.

Step 1

Use the ellipse tool to draw the face, and then use the pencil tool to draw the ear.

Step 2

Use the pen tool to add details and dimension to the ear.

Step 3

Add a highlight to the face by drawing an offset ellipse of a lighter shade.

Step 4

Draw an antler with the pencil tool, and then use the width tool to add dimension to the antlers.

Step 5

Copy the antler and ear, and use the reflect tool to create a mirror image.

Step 6

Draw the snout and nose with the ellipse tool.

Step 7

Insert a playful emoji face from CC Libraries to complete your custom Rudy emoji.

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