Decibel Insight Builds Integration with Launch by Adobe

Enables marketers to analyze the digital body language of consumers

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by Timothy de Paris

posted on 12-19-2017

Decibel Insight analyzes the digital body language of users on your website or app, pinpointing where they get frustrated, engaged, or confused — so you’re equipped to optimize their experiences. Powered by machine learning, our award-winning technology processes hundreds of behavioral metrics — from mouse movements and device rotations, to pop-ups and errors — capturing an accurate picture of every user’s on-page experience.

The world’s largest brands use Decibel Insight in conjunction with Adobe to quantify and locate opportunities for improving digital experiences.

Send the right message to each of your customers — and get timely insights back

Decibel Insight’s integration with Launch by Adobe equips marketers with the tools they need to measure and deliver fantastic digital experiences. Digital teams can create intuitive workflows based on user behavior, triggering the right personalized message — and the right insights — at the right time.

For example, say Decibel Insight detects a user demonstrating frustrated behavior on a website or app. By utilizing Launch by Adobe, digital teams can configure Adobe Target to send such users personalized offers to improve their experiences. In addition to this, Launch by Adobe could be configured to automatically retain such sessions for deeper analysis at a later date.

The flexibility of Decibel Insight’s integration with Launch by Adobe means that, out of the box, digital teams have access to two new events, ten new actions, and three new data elements upon which to build rules to get targeted with their analysis — and serve better experiences to their customers.

Increase agility

While it’s always been easy to deploy and reap the rewards of Decibel Insight’s digital experience analytics at relevant times on your website or app, Launch by Adobe makes it easier than ever. Digital teams can now build intelligent and intricate rules, based on Decibel Insight smart experience data, in an intuitive, simple, what-you-see-is-what-you-get editor — with no need for developer support.

Become an experience business

We’re really excited by the opportunities Launch by Adobe opens up for marketers. We’ll be working closely with the Adobe team to ensure we make Decibel’s integration the best it can possibly be. We can’t wait to show you what’s in store.

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