#HolidayEmojiWeek: Pearl the Snowflake

The weather outside is frightful, but Pearl The Snowflake is so delightful!

Pearl is a unique little snowflake. She loves long walks on the beach — the North Pole’s icy beach, that is — and her favorite subject is math. She’s freakishly good at fractals! Learn how to draw Pearl in Illustrator CC below.

Get all the design assets for Pearl the Snowflake here.

Step 1

Draw one branch of a snowflake with the pen tool.

Step 2

Duplicate and rotate the branch 60 degrees using the transform effect.

Step 3

Use the polygon tool to draw a triangle, and again use the transform tool to rotate and duplicate it by 60 degrees to create a background for the snowflake.

Step 4

Make a copy of the snowflake, expand appearance, and use Pathfinder to trim the object. To create a highlight for the snowflake, set the blend mode to Screen to create.

Step 5

Add a border to the snowflake and insert your favorite emoji face from Creative Cloud Libraries to complete your unique “Pearl.”

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