Here’s How Top Brands Define Experience

Great experiences don’t just happen. They require rethinking everything. Watch these videos and hear the stories behind leading brands that are making experience their business.

Here’s How Top Brands Define Experience

by Giselle Abramovich

Posted on 01-01-2018

Great experiences don’t just happen. They require rethinking everything from marketing to supply chain to customer support.

Experience-led organizations have broken down their internal silos and have aligned all parts of the business around a common mentality: customer-centricity. But what exactly does that entail? That’s what Adobe,’s parent company, wanted to find out. The outcome? A set of videos with digital leaders from some of the world’s largest brands.

We bring you some of the best sound bites below, with each executive defining what experience means to their brands and how they are making experience their business.

“Experience at T-Mobile is foundational to all that we do. I like to say that we’re an experience-obsessed business. I think that started five years ago when our CEO John Legere arrived. The very first thing that he did was go sit in call centers for three weeks and listen to our customers. It’s something that he asks all of his executives to do, and we’ve really built our business upon improving customer experience in the places where our customers demanded that we did it first.

“We were in a really broken industry. Our competitors were doing things that were just outright mean and unfair, and it was very easy for us to just come in and pivot on that thought entirely and say, ‘Let’s do the right things by customers and let’s deliver an incredible customer experience.’”

Watch the full video interview with Drake here.

“We spend a lot of time thinking about what our guest experience is going to be. We spent the last year investing in our web strategy. We wanted it to be less about the transaction and more about romancing the journey and helping guests to understand the intrigue of the places they go, [and] learn about different destinations and some ports they may not have thought of.

“[We want to] make sure that we are able to tell the story of what we are about, why we do what we do, why we go to the places that we go to, and to help guests really think about what kind of experience they want to build for themselves and for their family.”

Watch the full video interview with Bowers here.

“Experience has changed a lot over the years at Caesars. Experience used to mean customer service. How long did it take to wait in line to get to your room? How long did it take to get to a slot machine [or] to a table game? But experience over the last few years has changed from person-based interactions to digital interactions in many ways. Now its all about: Can I skip the line or order food from my phone or find where I need to go using my phone? For people who haven’t decided where they want to stay, this is where digital plays the biggest role.

“In the old days think of trying to call a call center and having them try to describe to you the Jennifer Lopez show or describe to you ‘Absinthe,’ one of our great shows in front of Caesars Palace. It’s really difficult to get a feel for what those shows are like. With digital we can put snippets of those shows online, we can have our entertainers actually explain what the show is, show behind-the-scenes footage. It gets people really excited and really interested in making those trips and seeing those shows when they come to visit us. We want to be where people are when they are thinking about Vegas and then again when they are in Vegas, we want to be wherever they are thinking about their next step.”

Watch the full video interview with Marino here.

“When we think about the experience at The Coca-Cola Company, especially Coca-Cola, a 130-year-old-brand, it’s always been in the experience business. An ice-cold Coca-Cola, a great glass bottle, and ice and lemon in the glass. The fizz, the tingle when you drink it, everything about that is very sensorial. We still believe that in a physical and analog world, that is the heart of our product.

“Yet at the same time, we want to transfer and transform our business to be able to provide that experience on a digital platform. I think what’s important for brands today is to listen to the consumer. … Our business is built on what the consumer needs.”

Watch the full video interview with Sommerville here.

“An experience for an NFL fan can be many, many things. It could be going to a game. It could be getting content served that is appropriate for them. It could be not receiving a transactional offer. It could be a multitude of different things. What I think is important is identifying that fan’s journey, where they are in that journey, and making sure that experience is relevant to them.

“So if I am a 40-year-old man with a 10-year-old son, my experience might be rated around getting my son to play football. If I am a 35-year-old man who lives in Manhattan, maybe that experience is getting a ticket offer. And I think it’s about making sure that when you do deliver these experiences that there’s a difference in the experience and the experiences are sequenced in a manner that brings the fan closer to the game and drives engagement. Deeper engagement ultimately leads to a better fan, a happier fan—and a happier fan will stay closer to your sport.”

Watch the full video interview with Lyons here.

“Quite simply, experience means everything to Virgin Atlantic. Back in 1984 when Richard Branson first created the airline, it was all based around the notion that we wanted to create the best experience in the sky. We continue to really deliver on that mission and to continue to reinvent the experience and keep raising the bar for our customers. When we are looking at how we improve the flight experience, we look at that whole journey before [a customer] even got to the airport and also when they leave at the other end.”

Watch the full video interview with Cronin here.

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