We Heard You: 3 User-requested Improvements to Illustrator CC

Introducing user-requested improvements in three key areas: zoom to selection, asset export, and scripts.

by Wayne Hoang

posted on 01-08-2018

In the latest release of Adobe Illustrator, we’ve made numerous updates to improve your experience. Visit our release notes for a detailed rundown of all the additions with the latest release, but we’re most excited about user-requested improvements in three key areas: zoom to selection, asset export, and scripts.

Zoom to selection — or to center

In the previous Illustrator release, we added the ability to zoom directly into your selected object. We’ve heard from some users on User Voice, though, that sometimes they might prefer to zoom to the center of the screen instead of a selected object. We heard you — so with this release — we enabled users to configure how they want the zoom feature to work.

To change zoom settings to either “selection” or “center,” simply go to: Preferences > Selection & Anchor Display > uncheck Zoom to Selection.

The two types of zoom configurations in Illustrator that you can choose from.

Extract and export multiple assets at a time

The Asset Export panel lets you simply drag and drop objects into the panel to be converted into the various file types and sizes with the click of a button. This panel is helpful if you need to extract and export separate file assets for web and mobile development; it’s quite a nifty user interface.

With the new release, we’ve enhanced that handy panel. Now, you can drag multiple objects into the panel at the same time. Illustrator will create separate files for each object, so you don’t have to.

Retain automation scripts in actions after relaunch

Scripts — which automatically run a series of actions — are a powerful way to automate work in Illustrator. Scripts can also be run as part of user recorded actions in Actions panel. You can use the standard scripts that come with Illustrator, or you can develop your own custom scripts and add them to the scripts’ submenu.

One of the biggest requests from users is for Illustrator to save scripts in recorded actions within Actions panel so that users don’t have to reload it each time Illustrator restarts. With this release, we’ve addressed this user request: Scripts won’t have to be reloaded anymore after Illustrator restarts.

All of these updates to Illustrator were made according to user feedback on Illustrator’s User Voice page.

If you have bugs or feature requests for Illustrator, please vote or suggest on Illustrator’s User Voice page.

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