New in Illustrator: Live Preview of Character Properties

Illustrator has expanded the live preview for Font and Style so you can live preview even more character attributes in your designs.

by Wayne Hoang

posted on 01-11-2018

Last year, Illustrator added live preview for Font and Style. It’s a quick, simple solution that allows you to preview fonts in real time for selected type objects.

Now, we’re expanding the feature to include more character attributes. With the latest release of Illustrator, you can live preview even more character attributes in your designs. Below are just a few examples of the attributes with live previews.

Live preview of font size in the Illustrator character panel.

All told, the updated Character panel lets you live preview the following attributes of your type object — font size, leading, baseline, vertical scale, horizontal scale, tracking, and character rotation.

These little improvements in your workflow can help you get to the perfect composition for your project quickly. Update Illustrator today, and don’t forget to save time with live preview next time you’re designing with type in your project.

Live preview of leading in the Illustrator Character Panel.

Curious about the colorful font that’s used in the demo? The latest release of Illustrator also supports OT-SVG Color fonts. The pictured font is Gilbert, and you can download it here.

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Topics: Creativity, Illustration, Typography