Bringing Business Processes into the Digital Age

by Stephanie Krausse

posted on 01-16-2018

Today’s customers do everything online, from shopping and booking flights to banking and more. Lufthansa AirPlus Servicekarten GmbH, a company that helps global businesses pay for and manage their travel costs and expenses knew this, and was well down its path toward becoming an all-digital business. A final piece in that journey was selecting and implementing a solution for digital signatures.

After vetting many different vendors, Lufthansa AirPlus determined that Adobe Sign was the right choice. To get familiar with the solution, the company first piloted it within its human resources (HR) department. By eliminating the need to print, sign, and scan documents, the department saved approximately 15 minutes per document, not to mention costs for ink, paper, and printer maintenance. Given that HR processes about 600 documents each year, this has the potential to save the company 150 hours annually.

Lufthansa AirPlus began using Adobe Sign throughout its HR department, whose employees appreciate how the solution streamlines signing workflows and lets them track the status of documents sent for signature. These capabilities prove particularly useful for documents that require multiple signatures. The Adobe Sign workflow bypasses the internal mail system, which streamlines the process.

Also, prior to using Adobe Sign, such documents might sit on someone’s desk unsigned for days. Now HR can send a quick reminder to prompt signing. Because the signer can open it from any device by clicking an email link, it’s easy to sign and return the document from almost anywhere. These streamlined workflows have enabled HR to reduce processing document signatures from up to six weeks to as little as 15 minutes.

Lufthansa AirPlus customers are spread around the world, and the company must comply with a variety of financial services regulations. A key requirement of almost all regulations is an audit trail of who received, viewed, and signed a given document, and when those actions occurred. The tracking feature of Adobe Sign provides this essential record.

The company plans to expand its use of the solution externally to allow HR to use digital signatures for onboarding new employees, further satisfying the company’s mandate to conduct business online. As Marion Evers, the company’s Project Controller for Demand and Operations Management says, “In today’s world, our customers want to process everything online, and with Adobe Sign we are able to meet that demand.”

Read the success story here and watch the video here.

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