Creativity in Motion

Last year, we launched a brand new content type on Adobe Stock: Motion Graphics templates. These templates, made in After Effects, are easily accessed in Adobe Premiere Pro to create animated transitions, titles, and lower thirds, enabling video creators to add a polished, finishing touch to their video projects.

We’ve sourced our collection from the world’s leading motion graphics artists, including LA-based filmmaker Valentina Vee. As the former cinematographer/editor to beauty blogger/YouTube style icon Michelle Phan, Valentina saw the impact a stylized motion graphic can have to make a video stand out. “There’s only so many times you can do a smoky eye or a cut-crease eye — it becomes repetitive. So one way that I found was useful to differentiate all the videos is to create unique sets of graphics for each video.”

Valentina also created custom motion graphics to be used for the Make the Cut contest with Imagine Dragons, where we challenged the video community to create a music video for their song, “Believer.”

The next natural step was to create motion graphics for the whole world through Adobe Stock. “When I’m creating my templates,” Valentina explains, “I’m thinking of the digital creator. So I’m thinking, what do your end cards look like? What do your lower thirds look like? And that really informs the style I have.”

For Youtube content creators like Vy Qwaint, these expertly created templates are an immense time-saver. Vy works on two channels — one with her husband Chad, producing family friendly videos, and one on her own, focusing on fashion and beauty DIY tutorials. In aggregate, their audience tops 2 million subscribers, and it’s a lot of work to keep this audience engaged and entertained.

“We are putting out two to four videos per week,” shares Vy. “So it’s a lot of work producing all that content all the time. I’m always looking for ways to make my videos pop, but also be really efficient with time.”

Vy recalls a time in the past where she would have had to find a graphic style she liked, then study up on After Effects to create a similar graphic for herself. Now, she can browse through the thousands of Motion Graphics templates created in After Effects on Adobe Stock to find exactly what she’s looking for, and customize the graphics to suit her style directly in Premiere Pro.

Premiere Pro CC has become a one-stop shop for Vy: “I edit in there, I color correct with Lumetri in there, I do my subtitles in there, and now I can add motion graphics.” Paired with Premiere Pro, Motion Graphics templates enable content producers to focus on what they love best, and fulfill their creative vision.

Find the perfect motion graphic template for your next video project on Adobe Stock.