Remembering Winston Hendrickson

Photo by Winston Hendrickson

by Maria Yap

posted on 01-21-2018

This past weekend, a great friend and leader at Adobe passed away after a fierce, courageous year-long battle with cancer. As the vice president of digital imaging at Adobe, Winston cultivated and enriched a genuine family atmosphere with his team for well over a decade.

Photo by Kelly Castro

Winston’s expectations were extremely high and his calendar usually overbooked, but he always made time to connect personally with individuals as family, not just as employees. It’s not surprising given that Winston had plenty of practice demonstrating compassion and respect while raising his three beloved daughters with his loving wife, Teresa.

Photo by Kelly Castro

Winston always had his business goals top of mind and was always thinking of ways to move Photoshop and Lightroom into the future. This made it all the more impressive when he would shift gears and ask how your family was doing or take time to go on a photography outing with a new member of the team.

Photo by Kelly Castro

Winston didn’t just lead the future of his products, he lived them as well. As an ardent photographer, he was personally vested in the advancements we made in photography. Winston’s true passion was sports photography, but his curiosity and appetite to learn led him to explore capturing wildlife, portraits and landscapes – all of which he had an equally keen eye for.

Photo by Dave Miller

If you were lucky enough to catch Winston with some downtime on the road or at one of the Photoshop team’s many social gatherings, you surely know that Winston loved to tell stories. With over 30 years in the software industry he had some great stories to tell: some from his days at Apple and others from the challenges of trying to wrangle over a dozen independent products into a single Creative Suite release.

Photo by Eric Chan

But I think Winston’s favorite stories came from his experiences working (and playing) with the Photoshop and Lightroom teams over the last decade. It’s now up to us to tell those stories for him, and I encourage everyone to share your thoughts, anecdotes and stories below, so we can record them and always remember the impact Winston had on all of us – his family.

Photo by Russell Preston Brown

_“We are surrounded by visual richness and diversity with both time and space elements: depending on how and when you look at something you experience very different emotions and impressions. My selection of when and how is my means to share what I was feeling viewing a particular moment.” _-Winston Hendrickson

Photos by Winston Hendrickson

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