Five FREE UI Kits for Adobe XD Created by Top UX Designers

by Adobe UK Team

Posted on 01-24-2018

A great user interface is a key component to creating positive user experiences, and no UX designer should underestimate the power of well thought out, well-designed UI. Fortunately, designing a UI can be an awesome way to tap into both your creativity and your empathy for your users. That’s why we asked five talented designers to create using Adobe XD, our all-in-one design and prototyping tool, a UI kit to help other designers kick start their creations. They’ve done an incredible job, and we’re thrilled to offer you the final five UI kits, for free.

Follow the links below to download each one, and read a little a bit about the designers behind the kits and their mission with the UI they created. And for everything you need to get started working UI kits on Adobe XD, check out our full list of tools and resources.

Smartwatch UI Kit

Designer: Marcelo Silva

Smartwatches keep getting smarter, with the latest generation of devices often matching the power and functionality of a smartphone in many ways. Designer Marcelo Silva has designed a comprehensive UI Kit for the smartwatch made for, and with, Adobe XD. The UI Kit comes with more than 20 customisable components and more than 30 customisable icons, all organised into six different prototype flows. It’s everything you need to get started designing for a smartwatch and is fully customisable within Adobe XD.

Download the Smartwatch UI Kit

The designer behind the Smartwatch UI Kit is Marcelo Silva, a digital creator, and self-described “design Swiss Army Knife.” He works with companies doing product and web design, along with photography and video. He loves working with people and trying to understand their behaviour, all while helping them and telling impactful stories using digital mediums.

Sky Travel Companion UI Kit

Designer: Sarah Parmenter

Few activities call for companion sites and apps more than traveling. Designer Sarah Parmenter has created a unique UI kit made for Adobe XD called Sky that provides everything you need to create a travel app or website. From pages with hotel, flight, and activity listings, to buttons and icons for content and social sharing and connection, it’s a comprehensive kit for whatever aspect of travel your users are engaged in.

Download the Sky Travel UI Kit

The designer behind the Sky Travel UI kit is Sarah Parmenter. Parmenter runs an internationally respected web and iOS design practice and has worked with everyone from Blackberry and News International to the National Breast Cancer Foundation of America. In 2011, at .net Magazine’s annual awards show, Sarah’s peers voted her ‘Designer of the Year.’

Designer: Aurélien Salomon

Ridesharing apps have revolutionised the way we get around, and designer Aurélien Salomon has created a transportation UI kit called Navigo to help you to design experiences for the road. It includes more than 60 customisable screens across six different user flows, and it’s full of symbols and others elements to help you to design navigation, profile, social sharing, onboarding, and other experiences for a transportation app or website.

Download the Navigo Transportation UI Kit

The Navigo Transportation UI Kit was designed by Aurélien Salomon. Aurélien has a huge passion for design and now works as a Senior UI/UX/motion/AR designer with big brands like Apple, Google, and Adobe(!). He also has a background in engineering.

Game Console UI Kit

Designer: Michael Wong

Game fans and those working in the gaming industry are sure to love Michael Wong‘s UI kit made for Adobe XD. It contains all the components you need to design within a gaming system, including fully customisable vector shapes and symbols that meet those systems’ unique UI needs. Wong has created 31 different artboards, all designed to look great on large gaming monitors and screens (1920 x 1080 resolution). There’s an extra bonus for the gamers out there: a UI kit for a game called Crypto-mon.

Download the Game Console UI Kit

The designer behind the Game Console UI kit is Michael Wong. For the past 10 years, Wong has successfully led design teams in the U.S. and Australia, focusing on startups and big companies alike. He’s been deeply involved in the design of,, Envato, Lantern, and many others, and says his passion is connecting people with technology-focused brands to drive growth through user experience and product/visual design.

Dashboard UI Kit

Designer: Pek Pongpaet

Dashboards are a key part of many web and app experiences, and thanks to their need to convey lots of information in an easy-to-understand format, they can be some of the hardest to design. Designer Pek Pongpaet has created the Dashboard UI Kit to speed up the process. He’s created 100 customisable components across 10 screens, with more than a dozen charts (the backbone of many dashboards) included. His goal is to simplify the dashboard design process, making effective data visualisation easier to achieve.

Download the Dashboard UI Kit for Adobe XD

The Dashboard UI Kit was created by Pek Pongpaet, CEO of Impekable, a UI design and mobile development studio based in San Jose. With his team, he designs and engineers SaaS applications and mobile apps, working with big clients like Google, HP, Motorola, and more.

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