Designing the Boosted Boards Community Page Using Adobe XD

Image credited to Boosted

by Adobe Document Cloud Team

posted on 01-30-2018

Many people dream about making a living doing something that combines their passions. Kyson Dana and Hayden Shaum are living that dream. Kyson is the art director and Hayden is a designer at Boosted, a company positioning itself as the future of transportation. With its powerful electric skateboard, Boosted has amassed a loyal following in cities around the world. Those followers are commuters looking for an easier way to get to work, and board sports enthusiasts looking for new experiences.

Recognizing the enthusiasm of the Boosted community, the company decided to enhance the Community section of its website to better serve the needs of riders. We talked with Kyson and Hayden about the process of designing the Boosted Community page using Adobe XD.

Image credited to Boosted.

Tell us about your backgrounds and how you came to work at Boosted Boards.

Kyson: I’ve been a UX and web designer for about five years now. I came to Boosted Boards about a year and a half ago. Previously, I worked at a couple of different startups doing product design and I have a background in action sports and skateboarding and longboarding. Working for Boosted Boards is a perfect fit for me because it’s a mixture of all of the things that I love. Hayden and I have been buddies since we were 11 years old so it’s also fun that we now get to work together.

Hayden: I graduated with a BSA in graphic design and I’ve worked with some design agencies. I started at Boosted Boards around the end of May 2017 as a marketing and UX designer. My background is UX, typography, and digital design.

What do you like about working at Boosted Boards?

Kyson: When some people see our board, they think it’s just a really expensive toy, but we’re positioning ourselves as a solution in the lightweight electric vehicle market. Wherever there are urban transportation problems in cities, we sell a lot of boards. It’s cool to see our customers using the products as we intended, to get around the city in a more effective and efficient way.

We have a really innovative culture and we try to take that same approach into our design and marketing. We’re given a lot of freedom to just try stuff and explore.

What is special about the Boosted community?

Kyson: We have a lot of people in different cities that regularly get together and go on big group rides and hang out. They’ve very organically created Facebook groups, some with more than 1,000 members, and they’re really engaged. As a brand, we want to be more involved with them. We decided to build out a community hub on our website that features different riders, tricks and tips, efficient ways to get around a city, and outlets where you can drop in and charge the board.

How did you use Adobe XD CC?

Kyson: We used it from the very beginning to design the community and break down the different types of content we wanted to share. We made lists and included visual references on the side of art boards. The whole project existed in Adobe XD and we really fell in love with it. So much of what we do is designing around images. In XD, we can just drag and drop images, and files load quickly with no lag.

What were some of your favorite Adobe XD features?

Hayden: The prototyping features in Adobe XD are pretty fast versus other software. With other tools, it is a more manual process, jumping back and forth from program to program and to the web browser. With XD, it all exists in the same space. The prototyping tool in XD is a vital part of every project we work on now. Whenever we need feedback, we can build a quick prototype in XD and then share the link and have other members on the team go through it. We can use it on the daily basis to show designs to each other in the right context.

Do you plan to continue using Adobe XD?

Hayden: We’ll continue enhancing the Community section of the site and Adobe XD will be a part of that process. We honestly try to use it whenever we can and feel confident it will grow and scale with us.

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