Creating the Future of Technology with Adobe I/O

by Adobe Life Team

Posted on 01-31-2018

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It’s a lofty statement but that’s the foundation of Adobe I/O. And behind the action, amongst the one billion application programming interface (API) calls a day, is Mimi Jiang, an engineering manager for Adobe I/O. “Adobe I/O is how partners and external developers can leverage our technology to create mobile, web and desktop apps. It has all the resources a developer needs to create next-generation experiences.” For example, when one of Mimi’s customers needed to streamline their licensing process for internal employees, they ended up using Adobe I/O’s User Management APIs.

Mimi, who first joined Adobe in 2010, recalls the moment when Adobe first reached out to her. “I’ve been with Adobe I/O since the beginning. It sounded like an interesting opportunity then, and it still is today,” she said.

Through the growth of the service, Mimi’s eight years here have evolved tremendously. And that’s what’s kept her here. “I didn’t have a clear goal of where I was going with my previous employer. But Adobe was different and very inspiring. Since I joined, I’ve been working on a product portfolio that has impact on every single product of the company, and I make a difference every day in the life of every customer.”

Previously, Mimi didn’t feel like she had enough exposure with her past employer. Back then, work was just work. Today, Mimi comes in feeling proud of the impact she makes. Not only that, Mimi shared that “the amount of learning opportunities within Adobe is immense and I feel like we’re always taking a cutting-edge approach to what we do.”

With products and technologies that are utilized in practically every piece of media on a daily basis, from magazines, ads, and posters to TV and movies, the opportunities are unlimited. And Mimi’s team is making it possible to share that technology, which is often called “Adobe magic,” with our partners.

During the early days of Adobe I/O, Mimi and her team were seeing maybe 10,000 API calls a day. Today, they’re seeing over one billion API calls a day. “Adobe was historically a desktop company, and over time, has have taken science from desktop apps to the cloud using APIs, which are a set of routines, protocols, and tools for building software applications.”

And with the inception of Adobe Sensei, Adobe’s artificial intelligence, machine learning and deep learning technology, the future is looking even more exciting for the team. Now that Adobe Sensei is transforming all of Adobe’s products, Mimi’s team is helping put that technology into the hands of our partners. “In early 2018, Adobe I/O will be debuting Sensei capabilities powered by our newly created serverless architecture. We’re putting Sensei technology into functions that can be executed on demand!”

Which comes to no surprise that when asked if she would rather live for a week in the past or the future, Mimi was quick to answer “Future, for sure! I can always read about the past, but to experience the future and see what comes next is too tempting to pass up on.”

With the strides the Adobe I/O team is making, there’s no doubt their work will continue to make an impact. Here’s to the future!

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