So-Called Social: Week of January 29

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by Lauren Friedman

posted on 02-02-2018

You can now schedule posts on Instagram, an Adobe Student’s video that will make you cry, and some thoughts on whether vertical video is the future of mobile video. All this and more if you just keep on reading! ****

Social nets update stuff

In very exciting news, you are now able to schedule posts on Instagram! Now, I’m not talking about “reminders” to post. We’re talking true post scheduling and publishing on Instagram. (CELEBRATE) As we know, Instagram is now part of Facebook, which means that Insta updated to the Instagram Graph API (built on FB’s Graph API). And now, this Instagram Graph API is giving us all the gift of scheduling posts through its partners (like Hootsuite!). What a time to be alive.

Speaking of Instagram, NielsenNeilson has added the social platform to its Social Content Ratings alongside Facebook and Twitter.

Man, we haven’t had a copycat scenario in a while. Alas, Twitter is following in Snapchat’s footsteps by developing a feature to make it easier for users to create and share video on its app. It’s a camera-centered tool that’s reportedly been created, but the release date and final design hasn’t been confirmed just yet. Stay tuned.

Twitter has also added a new advertising product to its lineup: Moments. ICYMI, Moments are kind of a “Stories”-like feature that includes a series of tweets, often including images, GIFs, and video — from select publishers. Now, brands can run ads inside the story and appear on the cover.

Adobe does stuff

Adobe released a global research study on the importance of teaching creative problem solving skills to students in the classroom. Creative problem solving refers to the process of redefining problem and opportunities; developing new, innovative responses and solutions; and taking action. To give educators and students the tools and support they need to develop creative problem solving skills, Adobe also announced that Adobe Spark will be made free to every student globally and all students can access CC both on their school and home devices with the same log-in credentials. Love it.

And no, you’re crying at your desk. If you’re not, you’re about to be. If you haven’t seen it already, you’ve gotta see this inspirational video coming from Adobe Students. Working with local relief organizations, students from all over Texas pitched in to help victims of Hurricane Harvey restore the irreplaceable, precious family photos. By restoring water-damaged photos and memories using Photoshop, they returned some hope and joy to those who have a long way to go to rebuild. I sure am proud to be living the #AdobeLife. (TEARS)

Other brands do stuff

Like I said last week, I’m pumped for all the marketing campaigns for the Olympics. And this #UnicornMoment makes me so very happy. Ice Breakers is dubbing #UnicornMoment, a personal accomplishment sparked by a boost of confidence to take on challenges. And with unicorns symbolizing the inner confidence of every individual to achieve their dreams, the brand created Team Unicorn — a roster of U.S. Olympic athletes and hopefuls who exude the swagger necessary to crush it no matter the circumstance. (UNICORN!)

TBH, I’m actually quite upset that this Crocodile Dundee sequel called “Dundee: The Son of a Legend Returns Home” starring Chris Hemsworth and Danny McBride isn’t a real thing. However, Tourism Australia sure knew how to captivate the Internet with this wild tease. Bravo.

Old Spice ran a baffling ad, entirely in French, on the Grammys. This subtitled version explains all. It was a very bold move to use a pricey 60 seconds on a major award-show broadcast to tell a story most of your viewing audience won’t understand. Buuuuuut, I’m thinking the brand got the coverage they wanted for this stunt.

Interesting stuff

In today’s world, the lines between citizens and consumers and beliefs and brands are blurring. Companies today are expected to align with their values in word and action. But how can brands ensure they do so without, well, pissing people off? Here are two pieces of advice: Ensure your brand backs causes that are relevant to your business and values, and ensure any cause-related marketing is linked to long-term strategy and not just a one-off (which could be viewed as exploitative by consumers). Right on.

The idea of flipping your phone to view content on social media is quickly becoming a thing of the past (I mean, how often does your accelerometer actually work anyway? SHRUG). More and more, creators are looking to meet users where they are — holding their phones vertically. It sounds like during some tests last year, vertical videos actually generated more engagement than horizontal ones. Well, Facebook tested this out even more by choosing 15 influencers from across the globe to create vertical videos. Take a look at their creations. Is this the future of mobile video?

Fun stuff

Dexter, the emotional support peacock, was denied a seat on a United flight. And I can’t help but think of Tituss Burgess casually walking a peacock on a leash in NYC. (ARROW UP)

I can’t stop thinking about waffles either, sweetie.

This guy wrote a heartfelt letter to break up with his gym and he’s now my hero.

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