Share Text Styles From Illustrator with Creative Cloud Libraries

Work Smarter, Not Harder, in Illustrator

Image credited to Codify Design Studio

by Chris Converse

posted on 02-05-2018

You may be familiar with sharing colors and artwork in Creative Cloud Libraries, however, the capabilities of Libraries goes much further. Your Creative Cloud Library can also store Paragraph and Character Styles from Adobe Illustrator.

Using paragraph and character styles in Illustrator can save you a lot of time when formatting text. Before you create a text style, design a single text element with the stylistic attributes that you want.

Image credited to Codify Design Studio

To create a paragraph style, select a text object, then click the New Paragraph Style icon in the bottom-right of the Paragraph Styles panel. A new paragraph style named “Paragraph Style 1” will be created. To edit or rename the style, double-click the name of the style. *Note — if you hold the Alt/Option key down when you click the new paragraph icon, you’ll be able to immediately enter a name for the new style.

With your new Paragraph Style created, select another text object on your artboard, then click on the style name in the Paragraph Style panel.

Image credited to Codify Design Studio

What’s more, text styles can be saved and shared in your Creative Cloud Libraries! When you select a paragraph or character style in the style panel, click on the cloud icon to save the style to the Library of your choice. If you have shared that Library with colleagues, then they will have access to that style as well.

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