Speed Up your vector drawings in Illustrator

Work Smarter, Not Harder, in Illustrator

Imaged credited to Codify Design Studio

by Chris Converse

posted on 02-05-2018

If you’ve been using Illustrator “since the beginning,” then you’ve probably invested a fair amount of time in the pen tool and path finder functions. However, new and experienced users will agree that these tools, while extremely precise, can be a bit tedious to master.

New tools, including the Shaper, Width, and Shape Builder, allow you to create intricate shapes and artwork within seconds.

Drawing a scoop of ice cream for an infographic can be made with five circles and a rectangle. First, we’ll arrange the shapes to create the desired outer shape.

Image credited to Codify Design Studio

Next, select the individual shapes, then choose the Shape Builder tool. Then click-and-drag a path that intersects the selected shapes. Be sure to include all intersecting shape segments as well. As you drag a path, the included shapes will become highlighted — indicating that that shape will be included in the final shape.

Image credited to Codify Design Studio

Once you have included all of your desired shapes are highlighted, simply release the mouse button or trackpad, and voilà! A new path is created based on the highlighted shapes.

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