So-Called Social: Week of February 5

Your weekly dose of social news

by Lauren Friedman

posted on 02-09-2018

Happy Friday, y’all! This week is packed with social stuff, so let’s dig right in. Facebook copies YouTube (or is it assault?), Snap just might be turning things around, and all things Super Bowl (wait, can I say that here? Big Game? Oh, okay). Take a gander below.****

Social nets update stuff

Facebook is trying to dig themselves out of hot water with investors since their debut of the new News Feed algorithm a few weeks ago. The changes in the algorithm ultimately left investors wondering whether people will still spend as much time on the site (and therefore, whether companies will place as many ads there). Well, Zuck is pleading “quality over quantity,” saying that no, people won’t be spending as much time on the platform, but the time they do spend will be more valuable. Which seems to be ringing true in their latest financials (their revenue surged by 47 percent to nearly $13 billion in Q4 from a year earlier, while profit rose 56 percent to $4.3 billion).

Also in Facebook Land, it sounds like the social network is planning a more direct assault on YouTube… Dun dun dunnnnn. Sources are reporting that FB is considering expanding its Watch service to individual creators, allowing them to post vids for free and take a share of ad revenue (just like YouTube). AND, the company is also reportedly exploring the idea of creating a tier-based ad service, which is eerily similar to Google Preferred. Watch out.

Instagram is bringing Carousel Ads to Stories and this should be insta-resting (see what I did there?). This basically just means that ads in Stories are no longer limited to one piece of media (a photo or a video) and can now include three.

YouTube expanded its playbook for the Super Bowl Big Game this year by bringing back AdBlitz, its hub of Super Bowl-related content where brands advertising with Google can post their spots for increased engagement with a broader audience. But it’s not just that. YT is also rolling out more features for DoubleClick Bid Manager to better reach viewers across platforms. There’s a beta for “real-time triggers” that let advertisers run display and video campaigns based on real-time moments or actions as they’re happening. Pretty brilliant, tbh.

Snap just might be turning things around… I’m still skeptical, but their Q4 numbers are pretty (surprisingly) good. Snapchat added 8.9 million daily active users (to reach 187 million total) with a QoQ growth rate of 5.05 percent compared to 2.9 percent in Q3. Still TBD, but things are looking up.

Adobe does stuff

In the spirit of love, we launched Illustrator’s #AiLoveYou Valentine Design Challenge this week. First, can I tell you how much I love that hashtag? Superb. Anyhoo, we’re asking users to design their own Valentine sticker and submit their artwork via Twitter or Facebook for a chance to win an iPad Pro or 1-year CC subscription. Supes cute.

Other brands do stuff

We’re gonna be talking all things #BrandBowl this week, so get ready. (And yes, #BrandBowl is actually a thing.)

First of all, brand participation in real-time marketing moments is evolving. In sum, brands are reassessing the value of maintaining an always-on social media strategy, responding to competitors, and whether they really should be desperately seeking the next Super Bowl “Oreo moment.” Let’s just say, this Super Bowl was a bit quieter and more relaxed. This year, brands interacted more with each other and seem to be focusing a bit more on the after-game plan. There were still a few shining stars. Let’s dig in.

Like peanut butter is to jelly or macaroni is to cheese, guacamole is to chips. But what happens when there are no chips to serve as the vessel to your guac? Well, all hell breaks loose, according to Avocados From Mexico. Savage.

Now, I know I’m not alone here, but it has to be said. Tide’s It’s A Tide Ad is, hands down, my favorite. It’s absolutely brilliant and I dare you to not think of Tide whenever you see any ad that includes people wearing clean clothes. Seriously, it’s probably the smartest ad I’ve ever seen in the history of ever. Way. To. Go.

In the interest of time (and not boring you with more Super Bowl ads/social campaigns), here’s a link to a few more brand winners and losers of Super Bowl LII.

Interesting stuff

A new survey suggests that nearly 50 percent of millennials prefer Facebook for video content more than any other platform. Coming in second with millennials is Snapchat, and for Gen Zers, Instagram. That’s not all that surprising, but the survey also showed that videos can reduce the workload on customer service as 51 percent of consumers prefer watching videos explaining how to use products/service, rather than more traditional avenues. As for the U.S. overall? YouTube reigns supreme.

Fun stuff

So, the black screen during the Super Bowl? Yeah, that was funny. But not as funny as the Twitterverse during those 30 seconds of confusion.

This guy graphed the etymology of words and it’s blowing people’s minds.

Oh, have you heard? Kylie Jenner had a baby. And here’s my favorite post about it.

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