A Journey of Continuous Learning and Growth

by Adobe Life Team

Posted on 02-13-2018

It happens to everybody: You’ve been in a job for a while, and you get an itch to explore something new. Most people start browsing job sites and ramping up their networking efforts, keeping their search on the down-low so their managers won’t know.

For Anurag Sharma, it was a little different. He went to his manager for help when he felt ready to take on a new challenge.

Anurag joined Adobe India in 2004 as a quality engineer and soon grew to become the lead for quality engineering as a quality manager. And in 2012, when he felt ready to explore a different role in the company, he looked to become a program manager. Anurag’s manager at that time was very supportive of this move, and guided him when he reached out to explore possibilities of a change.

As a program manager, Anurag learned to execute strategic business objectives and grew to understand the business from a totally new perspective. Later afterwards, he got the opportunity to move into a product manager role.

“I don’t think many companies give people that opportunity to get a more holistic view of the company,” Anurag says. “It makes you better at every role you move into because you understand so many other roles at the same time. You get a better picture of the business, from the bird’s eye view to the ground view.”

Adobe didn’t just pave the way for Anurag to move into new roles; it was Anurag’s manager who also encouraged him to get his MBA. Even better, Adobe reimbursed him for the cost and he’ll complete his MBA program in August 2018.

Today, as a product manager for Adobe Experience Manager, he’s bringing together everything he has learned at Adobe and in his MBA program. He says it’s like being a mini-CEO of his own business, and he looks forward to driving his part of the business to new levels.

“I understand the other steps in the process of building and delivering products because I used to do them,” he says. “I understand all these job functions and how they fit together to deliver amazing products to our customers.”

And that’s just one reason Anurag says he’s committed for the long term.

“Adobe is the best place to work, period,” Anurag says. “The support, from a personal and professional level, and the diversity of the roles are so unique, and that’s why I envision a long future here. I can make such an impact.”

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