Tutorial: Create your own Love Illustration with Adobe Stock and Photoshop

by The Adobe Stock Team

Posted on 02-14-2018

With shops across the nation bursting with bouquets of red roses, heart-adorned cards and bumper boxes of chocolates – V-day is well and truly here. If you’re looking to treat a loved one with something truly unique this year look no further. We’ve partnered with illustrator and creative maestro Mariana Rodrigues to inspire you to create a personalised one-of-a-kind illustration for whoever you’re hoping to surprise this year.

Mariana’s simple step-by-step creative made using Adobe Stock with Photoshop will inspire you to embrace Valentines’ Day with both hands, so unleash your emotions to create something truly original. Let your heart do the creating and show a loved one how much you care.

We’re looking forward to seeing how Mariana’s creation helps inspire yours! Tweet us at @AdobeUK and let us know how you got on in our comments section…

First, find your main element. For this artwork Mariana selected hands. To find them, search Adobe Stock using the Libraries tool in Photoshop, once you’ve found your image and selected your favourite, simply paste it into your canvas.

When looking for your hands, check out Adobe Stock’s Visual Search tool and select the first image you like, drag it into the search engine and you will find similar images in depth and tone. Repeat this step to find the correct assets throughout.

Once the asset is placed correctly, use the Magic Wand tool to remove any white background and Linear Burn to add colour. To add texture to the hands you can search Adobe Stock for textured images and layer it over your asset.

Tip! To add extra detail to the hands, use the Brush tool to create shadows!

To start building your creative, search Adobe Stock for whimsical elements to add magic to your composition. In this example, Mariana has used Adobe Stock assets alongside her own images of flowers and rainbow swirls.

To finish, erase parts of the image that you don’t need using the Magic Wand tool and place the assets in your desired positions.

Tip! To make a creative symmetrical, it’s best to work on one side of the composition at a time.

Now to add depth and movement. Search Adobe Stock for 3D abstract shapes.

Once you’ve found the right assets place them into your artwork and use the Liquify Tool to mould them into the preferred shapes.

Next, pick the Selective Colour option and amend the colours of the shapes to match your piece.

Dust a sprinkle of magic onto your design and search Adobe Stock for abstract shapes and flowing fabric that can be used to add enchantment to your piece.

Repeat the first step to insert clouds and bubbles with the Magic Wand tool ridding any unwanted parts.

Tip! To create flowers, rotate and re-size the fabric into flower shapes and tweak the Layer options to give them more depth.


Add a personal touch to your artwork and get creative with Adobe Photoshop brushes! Use the Brush tool to add final details to the piece.

Tip! Why not add something sentimental to finish? Initials, anniversary dates or any other personal touch are sure to make your loved one’s heart flutter!

And that’s it! An illustration for all your loved ones in six love-filled steps. Remember to share your @AdobeStock love designs with us by tweeting @AdobeUK. We look forward to seeing your creations!

Special thanks to Mariana Rodrigues for this romance-inspired tutorial. Check out more of her work here.

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